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snit, snit, snit- Happy thing!

missliz2010-05-02 20:48:24 +0000 #1
I've been injured for YEARS! And I joined this excellent gym when I got out of rehab partially 'cause I wanted to use the spinning classes to get back on the real bike in good form, but the seats were unusable, totally hurt, and pushed my SI joints around. You know about those awful cheesy two dollar seats they use. The "Wellness Director" was this anorexic head case who was very into telling people, at least me, what they couldn't do. Totally about limitations. I thought her job was to get me back on the trail.

Anyway, I was out all summer because I fell and got all messed up again. Went back last week AND SHE'S GONE! Yay! I cornered the gym director with the problem,Terry seat in hand, dragged him into the spin room. He looked at the cheesy seat, he looked at my seat, the gears jammed- then he suddenly caught on.

We have Schwinn bikes, and the only way to swap out a seat easily for a class is to buy that whole peice that that includes the seatpost/ top tube adjustment sliding thing. Do you know how much that costs? 28 dollars! That's the cheapest bike part I've bought in seven or eight years. A little unweildy to haul around, but it's a hundred degrees out and starting back in air conditioned spin class makes more sense. Besides, I'm a little head tripped on the whole multiple injury thing.

Do you beleive this? I could have been in spin, then back on the bike seriously months ago. But no, because some simpering control freak ( yeah, some people are oxymorons) is afraid of the spin bike and her own limitations I wasted almost a year out of my life.

Have you all seen that new Nike add with the fifty something masters runner with the great butt? I extremely dislike other women who get in the way of my Nike ad. Men tend to be pretty supportive. I may look terrible now, but it's nothing a few thousand miles can't buff up.

Anyway, in ten days/ two weeks I get to go to spin on a Terry seat that doesn't hurt, then fall of the bike puking after about fifteen minutes LOL

. Wish me luck girls.

I have shiny new silver and red shoes for it. Needed a new toy.


Terry2010-05-02 20:57:55 +0000 #2
So much for that shoe diet, Missliz...(We need them more than they need us!!!)

missliz2010-05-02 21:05:12 +0000 #3
I don't do shoe diets, sweetie. I was the fool in orthopedic oxfords and crutches fighting for Manolos at shoe sales... Now I can get my legs back to wear 'em



Besides, did you ever notice that the really cool bike shoes in great colors are the high performance shoes with stiffer soles and stiff heel cups and all the great stuff that makes a better shoe? It's exactly like Blahniks. And all the guys I know who have wardrobes of lovely high end bike shoes have closets full of elegant street shoes. It's not a girl thing.



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