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I want to learn the problem Sanda

MAgma_2010-02-03 17:01:55 +0000 #1
I play for a third-year boys in quite good physical training Sanda just want to practice more than one winter day, can I not practiced much at the newspaper an advanced or elementary, I have no basis for Sanda! ! !

Thank you master for the next Zhijiao
q3060651752010-02-03 17:07:51 +0000 #2
do not need to learn specific month faculty on something I will practice basic skills are practiced Sanda for a year and see if I wrote the following may be useful to you

who are growing, let us recall the time when an adult point of view Xuewu recall the experience of his own art of attack and the set of cognitive experience, you will find at different ages in the treatment of knowledge on the art of attack and there will be a great different. The following is my understanding ... of the art of attack and patience of them are listed, the variable will inspire you, disrespect of

from just Xuewu modicum of success into the cause of a small community up to now have achieved, the experience of social , so that my views on the treatment of art of attack and great changes have taken place.

I studied martial obscure place is one of the Wu school, the art of attack and more than half of what they have learned to play the game we ask that the score was not hurt, excessive wounding give to us because of fouls and lost to the other side. Our own recall their own social experience, out of the community do not force us to learn is to match, but self-defense, enemy, to destroy the enemy as the goal, in the fighting when the fight with others to use the most is the art of attack or a foot, or throw punches law, more than 70% of people punching the first 80% of them first out of the Youquan However, in the fighting, when most people are Yigu blood rushed and brief periods of loss of head pain, in the pay After a blow at the most stunning nose bleeding, or head up, no big problem, and then belong to our own set of skills to fight off attack combo! The enemy uniform, time, delay time and there will be problems, 110 came, and the other helpers arrived. If we put feet, threw into the strength of all inputs You Quan, only specific doors, so that my You Quan (Zuo Quan) get all the power of exercise, it would be the perfect embodiment of strength, for ordinary people then we will punch set victory and defeat, because ordinary people抗击打能力is very low, never studied the art of attack and the people can themselves exercise, pondering. Accumulation of perennial, your boxing can lead people to feel horror ....

said, is not very place, if you have the opportunity to use voice chat, I will be even more detailed talk about, say not just shout at me, and there are different views I must tell, I will improve



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