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15-year-old girl learning what is a good martial arts

SharjahのMing children2010-02-03 17:02:08 +0000 #1
Chinese martial arts is the first big country, in which all-inclusive, but it seems to have heard very little for girls

winter I want to learn a martial art aimed at self-defense and exercise you want to concentric

ah, I effort OK, Although they are not boys the same age, but among girls getting bigger in the calculation.

Currently 15 years old, may I ask you what to learn martial arts is better, is there a good place to continue studying in Shanghai, thank you for the
Love on e clan2010-02-03 17:08:29 +0000 #2
I feel better learning taekwondo, I in school
99,519,5882010-02-03 17:11:59 +0000 #3
qq4645025332010-02-03 18:21:38 +0000 #4
Buddha's Palm, iron hand skill, the division roar power. Taijiquan. Hama Gong. 8 hanging stick. Wire boxing. Dodge the water float. Electro-optic Dulong drill. King boxing circles. Strength shells. Wukong surgery. Turtle Seba. Hundreds of thousands of volts. Eradication of you on behalf of the moon. Red crescent days. Caesar soul Tiezhao. Spiral pill. 1000 birds. Two knives, nunchaku sticks a fork. Strong shot. Tiger shot.
lewescat19792010-02-03 18:52:16 +0000 #5
girls to learn some martial arts routines on the list. For the body good.
Loveisgiving2010-02-03 19:27:47 +0000 #6
winter and summer vacations to study martial arts, too short, and not learn something, but also Baihua Qian, you exercise your body first, self feel good yes does not work, self-defense is to prevent boys, you must contact your effort, but the girls look good in muscle, it is really hard to handle Oh, line of exercise it, and so there is time later to say, learn what needs to have perseverance, Kung Fu is not only a few days, let alone also delayed their own learning.
Forrest Gump Professor2010-02-03 19:38:42 +0000 #7
Exercise cardiac practice tai chi, self-defense with the Ba Gua Zhang.
739,593,3672010-02-03 20:01:19 +0000 #8
Science fencing
cavalier_fei2010-02-03 18:53:23 +0000 #9
I do not think anything is not suitable for it, the key is still to see anything you like. Xinyi and judo I was not very clear, is not Wing Chun Wing Chun Yan Yao Chong, I still think it depends on their interest in the.
Saga is the king2010-02-03 20:25:17 +0000 #10
learn fencing, then fencing emphasizes the application of the pace of stature, and wrist flexibility, technical class bar. Ming-child sister, great effort should be wrestling, boxing, kickboxing such? But she may learn of these quite difficult to imagine that - or the school days at Po Lun Dance Bar - ^ ^ unscrupulous drift away -
kiev0072010-02-03 20:29:33 +0000 #11
Wing Chun.

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