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Taekwondo individuals, groups, game specific rules, the process

Wudie wing2010-02-03 18:01:40 +0000 #1
the best colleges and universities is related to Japan in July on the taekwondo competition in general specific rules, procedures
Taekwondo kids 1172010-02-03 18:13:57 +0000 #2
match three-round system, each round of 3 minutes , 1 minute rest between rounds. Belong to the direct physical impact of the fierce confrontation projects Athletes must wear head protection, of body, protecting crotch, Gauntlets and Leggings. In order to boxing's positive, attacking opponents ankle joint following sites for more than hip, collarbone following are protective gear to protect the trunk area, as well as ears as the benchmark of the front part of the head and neck. In order to determine the ranking score, score more than those before the Rank column. Sub-levels according to the weight game.

Taekwondo's basic philosophy is: the movement must practice self-cultivation, moral education first, second motor skills. This movement is a strict etiquette and manners with the strict interesting. On the one hand, Taekwondo have arisen from the elegant rituals of traditional Korean society, before the opponents head and body according to the provisions of the angle of bend gracefully bow. On the other hand, the rules require athletes, wearing protective gear, and clothing within the proposed Road groin, forearm and shin bones wear protective clothing and took oral health.


Taekwondo competition consists of two parties - "Chung" (blue) and "Hong" (red), the two sides foot kicking opponent's head and body or boxing fight each other physically and score. Competition is divided into three rounds, each round of three minutes, two 1-minute rest between rounds. Player can win the following ways: The other hit appearance, the highest score, so that sub-reach 3 points penalty opponents, or opponents are deprived from the tournament.

Games before the start of the referee were issued for the "cha-ryeot" and "kyeong-rye" instruction, the two sides stand at attention and bow to each other, then the referee shouted "Shi-jak"! Announced the start of the race.


for each attack would have to be reasonable, the following reasonable attacks:

a. hitting opponents scoring position, in addition to the first, the score parts of the body including the abdomen and on both sides of these three positions marked on the on the opponent's Armor. Prohibition hit the other parts of the lower abdomen below.

B. use regulations to allow the body parts hitting opponent. Have to use the right clenched fist of the index and middle fingers, or ankle joints of the front part of hitting each other below.

If the three referees, at least two pairs of blows were identified and recorded, then the score effectively.

Foul is a foul in the taekwondo competition is an important factor, not only because ordered to three points - at a high level competition is extremely rare - mean automatic failure. Just one penalty can be the outcome of the game around. Taekwondo fouls are two: Kyong-go and gam-jeom. The most common type of foul or warning means that Kyong-go penalty 0.5 points, but if only one such foul penalty is not included, unless a re-foul penalty points accumulated. If the players grasp, hold, push each other to avoid sex to turn their backs on each other, pretending to be injured, etc., then sentenced to Kyong-go.

The other, more serious foul is called gam-jeom, will be penalized 1 point. Typical infractions include throwing opponents in the fighting in the feet off the ground when the opponent intentionally be tipped over to deliberate attacks on opponents back, hand-punching opponent in the face.

Players was knocked down after the referee, such as boxing, like 10 seconds of the countdown began. In the taekwondo competition side, because of power and its opponents made other than any part of the soles of the feet touch the ground then the sentence as being knocked down. Magistrates may also be unwilling or unable to continue in the players game start countdown. Once knocked down, then the referee shouted "kal-yeo" means "pause", indicating the other back, referees began to Korean countdown from 1 to 10. Even if the players have been knocked down they want to continue to stand up game, he or she must wait for the referee to continue to countdown until 8 or "yeo-dul", then the referee to determine whether the player can continue to play. If it can not continue to play, then the other party in order to knock out win.


In addition to the final race in terms other than the end in a draw, then the side with the higher score wins. If the two sides are still evenly divided by the referee of the competition in both parties to show the initiative to decide in three rounds of three minutes of the game which party advantage. If the competition for a gold medal finals, then the two sides held that the sudden death round of the fourth round of the contest, the first to score wins, if no one scores, then the referee determined by the judge who is dominant in the round to decide the final winner. Heavyweight division

In the World Taekwondo Championships for men and women were divided into the traditional eight-level, and its the first time as an official event in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the men and women were divided into four levels: Men's Women's 58 kg Grade 49 kg below 68 kg class the following class 57 kg below 80 kg class the following class 67 kg below 80 kg or above grade level and above 67 kg-class equipment.

Play area play area of 12 square meters for the size of the square space, was built in about 1 meter above ground platform, above the shop flexible mats, for safety reasons, off-site on both sides of the platform slightly to the side of the ground tilt. Venues, the middle of the blue is an 8-square-meter square area, the outside of the red warning zone, to remind the players were close to edges or platform edge. Once the player's foot into the warning zone is automatically suspended the game referee. Deliberately into the warning zone is liable for Kyong-go, deliberately crossed the border, will be sentenced for the gam-jeom.

Taekwondo protective clothing is a full body contact sport requiring athletes to wear protective clothing, head, body, forearm, tibia, groin wear protective clothing. Before the game that all participants will receive checks to ensure that the required to wear protective gear.

A. if the other rules also appear in more than one foul, then the referee to a heavier penalty foul shall prevail. b. if both sides were knocked down and unable to resume after the countdown to 10, then knocked down before the higher score wins.

C. If the player scores immediately after the foul, then its allocated fraction can be ruled invalid, such as the deliberate fall (a tactic to avoid the hit).

D. head was hit by a 30-player lying on the ground shall not participate in the competition.



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