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syb82581912010-02-03 19:01:17 +0000 #1
The Promise of Health as saying that Tai Chi ... ... ... ... behind I will not say not to say that is a binary way? Astrotech Health and four images and four images and hygiene gossip. . . . Then the four images and the five elements Sancai Kuni how the matter it
nanyuanxiaoqu62010-02-03 19:04:39 +0000 #2
Tai Chi for Health astrotech are yin and yang. Sancai, Heaven, Earth. Four images, direction, all around. The five elements,金木水火土. Kuni means the heart and in Sanhe Parataxis, Italy, and gas combined, gas and power together; outside the triple-fingered hand and foot together, elbows and knees together, shoulders and hips together. Or hands, eyes and body as the outer triple consistency, precision, gas, God as the internal consistency of Sanhe, direction up and down all around outside or internal triple triple.

In fact, the Tai Chi since I live and non-polar, practicing tai chi when beginning from the non-polar, Ming Yin and Yang, known to open and close, can only understand the familiar and gradually Wu Jin, bands and the gods.
guyu7272010-02-03 19:23:08 +0000 #3
not entirely base 2. Only two binary soiled side only. As for the four images and the five elements Sancai Luhe, he says the more you do not know, the simple point Well.

Sancai, Heaven, Earth. Practice is the main body of the person training, Heaven and Earth Road

four images, all around. Moves in the direction

the five elements,金木水火土. Allelopathy, constraints and derivative problems.

Luhe, up and down all around. Maneuvers was removed, space concept.



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