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Kanxia This is not a qigong practice law

yangjinqiao72010-02-03 19:01:37 +0000 #1
(1) The simplest way to help beginners can be intended to abide by Nita. As practice started, a few small mouth a little drink hot tea or warm water, the water slowly swallow, swallow, when attention to shed water from the voice the feelings, ideas, feelings among the note under the pubic region, so that the abdomen will soon be able to produce sudden growth in the feeling, and soon there will be a sense of relaxation, Shen gas. Intended to be able to keep pubic region, and on the ideas put directly on the pubic region.

(2) a motivated cyclones, driven cyclones, cyclone rotation method of Shou Khieu

Start with the palm facing the pubic region under the rotation, motivate the pubic region cyclone, hand spins, turn a blind eye, but the two with the palm of the hand rotation at the same time with the idea and the SG under the pubic region within the contemplation of the rotating gas. So skilled, the only eye rotation driven Nita cyclone. Re-skilled, the only idea of cyclone-induced pubic region. Training period of time, under the pubic region of gas inside the can automatically rotate up, which we not chi-and gas training people. These are from a promising start with a gradual transition to non-action.

(3) by soar, with two photographs of the SG under the pubic region, which is a relatively sound more convenient methods.

The method used to achieve proficiency, regardless of whether the defensive Khieu Which are basically, "Do not forget to help, it may keep the non-defensive." Intention can not be too tight, we can not fall into the letter in the scattered dazed. Nita is in the air rotation, virtual spirits lively. Some people, after inhaling, they put a gas pressing pubic region, or pubic region by hand press, that is intended to the gas to, the results were bias.

counterfeit medicine2010-02-03 19:15:54 +0000 #2

The first one is not an official auxiliary of the tricks used to help realize the power law intended to keep pubic region, and can do it intended to abide by Nita's do not need this method.

Second, the three are intended to keep pubic approach.
a7151512532010-02-03 19:32:01 +0000 #3
jza20129762010-02-03 19:42:32 +0000 #4
is the static power belongs to the most basic need to adhere to every day, otherwise there will be no effect



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