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I do Lianxia Qu right? Jiji Ji Ji Jiji Jiji Ji hastily! ! !

mm3751264752010-02-03 22:01:10 +0000 #1
My leg whip when the power of a great fight, kicking a 100 pounds of sandbags were rocking to and fro of the. And the sound a special ring. But action is not right. Inverted cross is no mention of knee action. Direct whip past. However, I whip the correct approach to the power on small lot. Will I always use my own way Lianxia Qu right?
before electricity2010-02-03 22:04:41 +0000 #2
Haha, relying on the strength of Man Jin is just 1:00.

Must be sent to cross-lun leg. Brandish the hammer up an analogy Jin Jin Tai or direct hit big hammer? To send across is to have the power to open leg-lun know? By 1:00 brute force is always in the ring will not work.

Get across is that there is penetration, quite fresh, I can push the sandbag push Akira! This time to know your problems now? Do not know to ask me.
gafs Bar2010-02-03 22:15:07 +0000 #3
combine training
lost men2010-02-03 22:26:05 +0000 #4
the best in the correct way to practice.

Direct whip in the past could easily be broken strokes. Fast enough, and the moment a small explosive.

Direct whip past can, is power, so that training can enhance flexibility. However, I recommend the former.
attackwc2010-02-03 22:49:35 +0000 #5
see more of the book you will see, you this is not the thrust of the attack force, there is the penetrating power of the action will not cause much displacement goal, of course, was the correct action to the edges, otherwise, everyone is their own side of their own, they should Sanda technology is also what's the use? If you are seeking long-term training sandbag significant displacement effect, so many years later you're a madman pushed sandbags, maybe punch it can help people launch 5 meters, but not lethal
masha0072010-02-03 23:36:16 +0000 #6
does not work, although the sandbags seem to shake shake go, but your attack power department great.

The right approach, striking force much larger than the incorrect, and only when you are not accustomed to, and you it is not the right approach, feet hurt easily

the right approach, you just started, of course a little bit accustomed to, action to do is not in place (in your error method on the basis of skilled)

you have the wrong leg whip, the other quite easy to defense



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