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Changquan practice the basic requirements which include the basic content

x not learn numerous x2010-02-03 23:02:10 +0000 #1

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boxing studied five steps do? ? ?

Learned in primary changquan do? ? ? ?

Look at the video to learn their own right? ? ?

Very simple ,,,,,,,,,,
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transferred from from somewhere else want to help you

(a) technical analysis of Chang Quan

1, power rack specification \ postures stretch \ Body Type upright \ step form a solid \ coordinate a full \ This is the fist static posture of the characteristics and requirements.

2, agile footwork \ tactics illness just \ Body Spirit legs live \ clear and accurate \ Li Shun Jin-Gang \ Dynamic Motion statically determinate, it is changquan the movement patterns of the characteristics and requirements.

3, the independent balance \ beautiful sound \ somersault jump \ teng high jump \ Twist turn freely \ lightweight Cui Liang, it is changquan balance \ jump in the characteristics and requirements.

4, the severity of rigid-flexible \ priority relief Burton \ contrast to the strong \ tempo clear \ conscious attention to \ full of energy, which is changquan exercise the characteristics and requirements.

5, rich in content \ structure ingenious \ intertwined \ layout to carry out \ flexible \ momentum linking, which is changquan movement in the content \ structural characteristics and requirements.

(b) changquan technical training

1, Power Rack Training: Power rack training is an important basic skill training Changquan, which mainly includes means exercises \ step form footwork exercises \ shenfa exercises and so on.

(1) tactics practice: Changquan the cumbersome way. the most basic the way the exercises are red boxing \ bright palm and whirl arms.

A, Chong Quan is one of the basic techniques of practice.

B, Liang Chang Quan palm is often used in static form palm France .

C, whirl arm exercises: This is a power in the arm to improve shoulder flexibility exercises for the purpose.

(2) Step-type-step exercise:

A, step-type exercises. Step The basic requirement is an accurate model \ sound.

B, footwork exercises. footwork agility depends on the correct methods and the ability to rapid contraction of leg muscles.

(3) shenfa practice: including static the state of body type and activity of the trunk movement method.

A, body-type exercises. body-type exercises in the full action-set exercises carried out.

B, shenfa practice. torso movement method of practice Flexibility is the waist \ flexibility based.

(4) impulsive Coordination Exercise: impulsive abundant is the fist of the characteristics of movement coordination is neat \ strict \ hair strength Tough basis. by Jin force co-ordination exercises, to achieve unity of purpose of the whole movement. in the exercise to emphasize the shape from the action to the overall unity of inner consciousness, hand to foot that is intended to force that "three-point relative", "3 must-ming," God-shaped both.

2. Leg France Training: Changquan legs law from the movement can be divided into straight pendulum \ kip \ sweep switch \ shot rang four groups.


1). Straight leg swing Exercise: Straight leg swing method in Chang Quan in a wide range of applications.

A, fixed-step exercises. that the legs do not move the kick practice.

B, live-step exercises. that is the road to see kick practice.

C, combined exercises. One is a few legs to practice law together in order to increase the practice more difficult to improve the law with different legs kicking capacity; One is the combination of routine before and after the action in leg law practice to improve movement around the legs and law and consistent convergence capability.

(2) flexion and extension exercises. France has a strong leg flexion and extension practicality.

(3) So change its legs Law Practice:

A.-step cycle of practice. that Youyidaonan, step by step.

B. with a combination of movements before and after exercise. The purpose is to increase the difficulty of exercises to improve the ability to use in the routine.

(4) hit France ring of leg exercises:

A. hit France ring legs, a straight-kick method, based on direct kick to improve the quality of law can make a direct hit France ring return leg.

B. hit film The main requirement is loud.

3. balanced action practice: balancing movements are raised mainly knee and balance the \ squat balance and leg raise balance of three categories.

(1) Wrench control practice. pull legs to increase the stretching of leg muscles ligaments and charged legs to improve muscle control.

(2) relies on practice. by relying on exercises, improved technical movement to cultivate a sense of the correct muscles.

(3) in-situ static control practice. that is, first a stable center of gravity, and then complete the balance of movement, and gradually increase the time for static control in order to improve nerve \ the ability to control the muscles, enhance muscle strength.

(4) static and dynamic combined exercises. namely a move before and after exercise. in front of the connection moves to achieve even more than the normal speed requirements in order to increase the difficulty of exercises to improve balance in the stability of fast movement.

4, somersault jumping movements Exercise: somersault jumps in Chang Quan occupies an important position.

(1) Bounce Force Exercise: A weight-bearing exercises B bounce Fubei strength training exercises C

(2) Technology Action Exercise:

A decomposition movement exercises. is a complete action to break it down, taking local action to repeat the exercise. exercises called action consistent with the quality and integrity of technology.

B a single movement exercises. This is the practice somersault jumps the main method of practice to request technical approach is correct, run-up \ Tap dancing \ vacated and the floor as a whole moves fast coherent \ wrapped up shooting to accurately hit a loud, looks to be a beautiful stretch.

C a continuous motion exercise. is divided into continuous and non-run-run-up two kinds of exercises France.

D combined action practice. is divided into two or more jumps, and a combination of jumps a combination of other actions before and after the convergence of two practice methods.

5, routine technical training:

( 1) To strengthen ing the selection and arrangement of: Chang Quan the contents of the rich, including various methods \ step \ shenfa \ legs, France \ balance \ churn jumping and so on.

Routine choreography should be based on a rational structure, the layout of conduct \ convergence success in \ coherent Yuan live \ level of clarity \ climax highlight the \ momentum novel \ closed-type satisfactory principles, combined with the general difficulty of balancing the combination of \ layout to carry out a solid and functional racks \ Quick coherence and rhythm of a clear relationship.

(2) do a good job specifications and the coordination of the impulsive action: Action specifications is a technical basis for the coordination of the impulsive technical core.

(3) do a good job and martial arts routines rhythm awareness: fast-paced, is changquan Sports the technical characteristics, mainly in the severity of the action Rigid \ speed priority and downs opening and closing of three areas.

(4) do a good job more difficult combination of practice: difficult combination, because of its action the complexity of the physical and skill requirements than the high, in Chang Quan Long Point play a draw clear \ the formation of peak effect.

(5) do a good job specific endurance training: The quality of special endurance is to determine the full set of actions to complete the level and the ability to obtain quality the key to good results.

the main training methods: one set of training, two of the sub-batch method is to use the training.



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