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Is anyone a spinning instructor?

bluebug322011-11-10 02:13:54 +0000 #1
I decided to move my thread to a new location. Hoping for some feedback, thanks!

Just curious how much training is involved and what certifications you need? What's the good/bad of it? Sounds like a fun side job.
Raindrop2011-11-10 02:16:45 +0000 #2
I've been teaching indoor cycling since 1997 and hold four different cycle certifications. Some were one day events (Kieser, Reebok) others were longer and more involved (Spinning and Reaction/Schwinn), but the certification is just the beginning.

To be a really good instructor you need to keep studying and reading. Make sure you know and understand biomechanics and kinesiology. Many facilities won't even hire you without an additional primary certification. I have ACE, but also accepted are AFFA, ISSA and some others. These primary certifications go beyond what is taught in a cycle certifications.

I also am a Personal Trainer (NASM) and have spent thousands of dollars over the years on continueing education to stay current on the changing landscape of fitness.

But back to your comment. Yeah, it's a fun part time job.

Oh, and the bad part of it is staying true to your certification and not joining those instructors that give indoor cycling a bad name by doing the contraindicated stuff like popcorn jumps, hovers, freezes, no-handed cycling, sprints with no resistance, hill climbs with too much resistance and RPMS of 30 etc. etc.

Then you'll never please everyone with your music choices and you'll have to deal at times with people that just won't stop talking, or use their IPOD, text during class etc. etc.

But overall, I love this format otherwise I wouldn't still be teaching 6 - 8 classes weekly.



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