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Recommend a tennis racket (female use)

l20052142010-02-15 03:11:04 +0000 #1
I am a female, beginner tennis, can not be serious military training but also about less and less hope that heroes are recommended as suitable for my beat, which calls for the whole carbon can not be too heavy, the price not too expensive.

PS: someone gave me one he does not have to beat is strong, or n years ago, and I do not know, learning when everyone laughed at for me, 5555 ... ... is said to Babolat, Head, Prince, Wilson, Dunlop, these brands are full of carbon entry-level and which suits my呀? Or less money? To recommend what Bai, Xiao-Mei先谢too! Beat to take into account the specific number of factors, such as your hand size, lighter weight, etc., making face is larger box to shoot wide. Of course, you have to consider the aesthetic problems is estimated that, right? For beginners, then beat the price of about 500 was more appropriate and there may be some old style. But I think the tempo is not recommended Kaopu, and choose to do not like do not dig the beat against the enthusiasm, or is it better to take a look at the people who understand.

Personally like the head nano ti s1. Photo Baidu can be seized. However, because of my limited capacity model of the PRINCE study of the tempo is very shallow, so is not recommended.

Best to go to tennis pro shop to buy (not a single brand), the genuine and cheap.

sunflov2010-02-15 03:14:41 +0000 #2
just getting started, then chose to compare light and thick racket racket, so to prevent tennis elbow.

http : / / / item_detail-0db2-b74ce4f5e8df05a0ca55d33a19a06cbc.htm
GSYmax2010-02-15 03:18:10 +0000 #3
Babolat ReFlex 102 Advanced beginners can use
Tennis mad Aberdeen2010-02-15 03:25:54 +0000 #4
SHINNY the beat together well, I helped a cousin bought a very nice, only 300 less than in the " I would like to Sports Network "- 51SPORTS on the buy, you can go to the next.



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