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How can we practice karate punch through wood?

aa76841202010-02-17 00:11:05 +0000 #1
Karate's hand is very powerful! How can punch through wood practicing it? What should practice! What are the specific steps and requirements? Undergone the training, or at least understand a master who taught me to teach you? Thank you, La! I really want to practice!
Children aid2010-02-17 00:23:11 +0000 #2
want to punch through a little wood to the skill of the fact that ordinary people were able to punch through, but were injured. However undergone the training, subject to minimal damage. . .

1. Exercise hair strength. Know how to concentrate at 1 point. Approach is often stir Kong Quan.

2. Ju Ju Han dumbbell strength training is not much that the individual feels better to use boxing to do push-ups to increase their fists hardness

3. Real strong boxing, boxing surface is flat.

Estimate how also in order to practice the skill of a year out.

In fact, three years of setbacks this year than martial arts. Would like to short-term training or a real strong wrestling worse.
│ God cue │2010-02-17 00:52:17 +0000 #3
kick boards are actually techniques of movement, does not require too much power, the action been done, there must be broke. Horizontal kick, then the waist hair force, to be deducted from the knee, Leg-Snap Boxing lose revenue after the leg.



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