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13-year-old boy is good or Sanda good learning Wing Chun (70 points!)

End time rut2010-02-17 03:10:17 +0000 #1
I am a 13 year-old boy, although there are seven one-meter high (because their parents with a balanced nutrition can be long so high), but because very rarely exercise, Therefore, poor physical fitness, strength is not, especially the legs simply could not carry tall, more than brute force than others, however, usually like to insist on physical activity has also insisted on not down, so I wanted to learn a martial art to carry out a mandatory exercise , and taking into account the self-defense martial art can be, and so want to learn both the practical and a martial arts fitness. Last year, Bruce Lee, worship, naturally want to learn Wing Chun (Jeet Kune Do would not have said, very few in the country to find authentic, we do not Jeet Kune Do this Hall), later to listen to opinions online, want to learn Sanda when we happened to us can learn Wing Chun, so hesitated, not knowing what a good school, so hope to explain master! (A good plus points!)
bcfshr1112010-02-17 03:12:42 +0000 #2
or Wing Chun Kung Fu is better pay attention to more power within the family Exercise
Male Rock Lang2010-02-17 03:42:02 +0000 #3
is of course a good Wing Chun school. In order to study the time Bruce Lee Wing Chun, adhere to the 10-kilometer run, leaves only income for his master believers. Finally, a martial arts star Bruce Lee.
Small Italian shawn2010-02-17 03:21:22 +0000 #4
Wing Chun comparison Okay, a long history, rich in content, in the study while improving savvy and self-cultivation, the top Wing Chun!
Japanese Fan Hub The Lion in Winter Lang2010-02-17 04:54:49 +0000 #5
You misunderstood, martial arts and fighting is not the same!

Want to keep fit, of course, Wing Chun! It is a martial arts move is a tactic, one type is a type. Learn martial arts to keep fit, fighting almost do not have access! Because no one told you to fight stress routine.

Want to learn fighting, Sanda is a kingly! Armed Police officers and men of all is the master Sanda, because the actual nature of the strongest Sanda!

If you want to exercise, learn what will do.

However, I personally suggest that you learn Sanda, both physical fitness, and have learned the skills of self-defense.

Really, what Tae Kwon Do Jeet Kune Do karate and that gas and Tao Tao Tao which are designed to keep fit, self-cultivation
qiyejituan2010-02-17 05:20:02 +0000 #6
initial contact, then suggest that you first train for the basics

the first bar Enhancing the waist and legs are * Five-step and then practicing boxing punches

and then provides (a lot of people think that the provisions of boxing no use, but it is the only provision of the State routines,)

to the provisions of boxing Enhancing your shelves and shenfa out on both practice * *

to practice the traditional routines also simple



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