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The latest Tai Chi Lake truth? ? ?

Central Plains were ghosts2010-02-17 04:10:39 +0000 #1
Is said to be: build the Wudang Mountain - Tai Lake National Heritage Park? Is this the truth of Lake Tai Chi
taijihuren2010-02-17 04:24:36 +0000 #2
Wudang Taiji lake behind the truth (1)

How to create a large industrial development engine, Wudang, Wudang Mountain Tourist strongly promote rapid economic development, the realization of regional the harmonious development of comprehensive value, which is currently China's social development process of a universal proposition. December 23, 2009, from Wudang Special Administrative Region of the CMC, Taiji Lake Group's "Tai Lake Forum 2009 - Wudang Tai Chi Lake area combined value • Development Strategy Seminar" was held in Beijing. From China, Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, dozens of countries and regions, economics, sociology, tourism, construction, planning, culture and practice of elite industry experts conducted an innovative in-depth value explored. SAR Working Committee, the CMC issued to Lee, director of a seminar and delivered speeches.

Tai Lake eco-cultural tourism area in the world cultural heritage, the Chinese national key scenic spots, Mount Wudang Taoist culture and sacred sites, the total planning area of nearly 60 square kilometers, is divided into districts and Tai Chi Tai Chi Lake Lake tourist area two Forum. Tai Lake District formed a delegation from the management services, business entertainment organize groups, and formed a delegation to live the composition of key construction Tourism Development Center, Wudang Martial Arts Museum, Wudang Museum of Art, Tai Chi theater, tai chi Lake schools, hospitals and noble Tai Chi Lake residential area and a series of projects. Tai Lake Tourist Area formed a delegation from the water recreation, tourism and supporting organize groups, leisure and health organizing groups, and leisure organize groups, organize groups of mountain sports, outdoor recreation formed a delegation composed of key construction Island, Tai Chi town, city Wudang kung fu, tai chi health valley, Mountain Sports Park , and the Wudang International Conference Center, super-star culture theme hotel, I colleges, Wudang Mountain Tourism terminal, yacht club and a series of ecological and cultural tourism projects. Tai Chi Lake eco-tourism area by the SAR Government and the Wudang Taiji group together to build a lake, as a leader committed to Wudang, Tai Chi Lake engine, developed into a world-class tourist destination and national heritage park.

In April 2009, held in Tai Lake in Wuhan Forum 2009, the Hubei provincial party committee, propaganda minister Li-ming, on behalf of provincial government message to Wudang new round of massive development, "provincial party committee, the provincial government hoped that the SAR and the related Wudang Mountain regard should continue to emancipate the mind, broaden their horizons, seeking truth and innovation to world-class standards of careful planning, organizing first-class team of well construction, speed up the Tai Chi Lake District, the construction of eco-cultural tourism in order to Wudang Mountain Tourism Development as the lead, in order to Tai Lake for the development of the engine, integrated landscape, culture, tourist resources, extension of the tourism industry chain, the formation of clusters scenic spots, build sets tourism, leisure, culture and health in one world-class tourist destination, the Wudang, Tai Chi into a lake Hubei tourism and economic and social and cultural development of the model base. "provincial government to actively implement the spirit of the instructions, Wudang Taiji Lake Management Committee and the SAR Group, adhering to the" elements of Wudang, Tai Chi culture, international standards and academic quality "of the construction of ideology , organized a first-class team of experts from the wisdom of the past year, after dozens of "brainstorming" and the "wisdom of the collision" to rigorous academic and pragmatic attitude, broad international perspective, in the pluralistic exchange of ideas and cross-cutting interdisciplinary dialogue, has achieved fruitful results, in the sacred mountains of Wudang culture of high respect and harmony reflected in a broad space for development.

Writer for the wisdom of Tai Chi Lake team, fully demonstrated the first-class international standards and rigorous academic quality. Include China, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong and Taiwan, more than 10 countries and regions in more than 10 members of the global masters of dozens of well-known organizations, hundreds of Ph.D., thousands of professional elite, which order to design Dubai's seven-star Burj Al Arab Hotel and the world-famous British Atkins Design Group, winning two Olympic games in Beijing and London, Landscape Design Landscape Planning and Design of the world's largest giant AECOM EDAW United States, Germany, so far the only building session The most honor, "Pulitzer" Prize-winning pom firms, China Architecture Design and the "national team," Bird's Nest Chinese design institutes as well as the China Architecture Design and Research Institute of Peking University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Tourism Research Institute the center for national academic experts and scholars. This symposium is the outcome of planning and designing a centralized test, but also to promote the Lake Tai Chi "eco-projects, cultural projects, tourism projects, livelihood projects" such as the value of the four major projects to achieve regional integrated strategy for a new starting point.

Wudang Special Administrative Region Working Committee, the CMC Director Li Fa-ping with a warm speech, thanked the experts team of excellent planning and design programs as well as to pay a huge intelligence effort. He pointed out: the recent "State Council on Accelerating the development of tourism opinions" introduced, proposed to "cultivate tourism as a strategic pillar industry of national economy and the people more satisfied with the modern service industry" of the strategic plan for tourism in spring , and in the provincial government's support and concern, Shiyan City, under the correct leadership of the municipal government, Wudang Mountain will be the basis of rapid development in recent years, further an unprecedented opportunity to obtain large-scale development. Tai Lake eco-tourism area early completion will not only help big Wudang substantial increase in capacity for accommodating tourists, promote tourism big Wudang optimize and improve the industrial structure more conducive to industrial upgrading Northwest of Hubei Province, and the coordinated development of social economy and culture, but also conducive to regional people's livelihood well-being and social harmony. As the Tai Chi Lake "eco-engineering, cultural projects, tourism projects, livelihood projects" such as the four major projects to promote the full implementation of the mountains, floods, large cultural charm of legend, is writing Wudang Mountain has been flourishing since the Wing-lok, another history Hui-a new chapter in the magnificent. This cause, represents the beginning of the new century, a generation standing on the Chinese people on the historical heritage of the incomparable value of reality and the future of serious thought.

From Beijing University, Renmin University of China, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Architecture Design & Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Tourism experts say, tai-chi lake eco-cultural tourism district's strategic development system in order to achieve the coordinated development of regional integrated value of the objective It is a regional integrated exploration of the value of innovative practices in engineering. Only always a high degree of social responsibility and historic mission, to fully adhere to the political, social, cultural, ecological value and coordinated development in order to protect the commercial value of which, it is Wudang Mountain - Tai Chi Lake historic opportunities and challenges of the future reality of the development requirements, Rise of Central China is also implementing the strategy of active exploration.

Atkins Design Group from the United Kingdom, the United States and other world-renowned EDAW sector experts spoke highly of the value of Tai Chi Lake area to achieve an integrated strategy. Tai Chi Lake model that the strategic value of discovery, integration of strategic resources, the strategic value of the upgrade, the realization of the value of the region's largest concentration of integrated performance and marginal effect of community. This mode of operation of exploration, innovation and practice, is the main development direction of China's social development of the new definition. China's reform and opening up three decades of the grand process, the dominant orientation of social development from early stage to maximize the commercial value of pure pursuit of the project has evolved into the pursuit of maximizing the commercial value of the region. Tai lake patterns appear, which ushered in a regional integrated value in order to achieve the goal of new era.

Wudang Taiji lake behind the truth (2)

Wudang Mountain of self-cultivation cultivation are present, the future development of the situation quite well

(Wudang Mountain Tourist Special Economic Zones Work Committee, the CMC Director Li Fa-Ping)

Wudang Mountain Development should be said to usher in a very good period, experts and scholars present here for the construction of Mount Wudang to contribute their wisdom, it is our pleasure. 600 years ago, built the Forbidden City and the North South Xiu Wudang, Wudang Mountain project is a national project, this year the domestic first-class pool of experts, the world's leading experts doing Wudang Mountain, which is a historical opportunity, and we feel the responsibility is very great.

Recent China National Tourism Administration issued on the implementation of the "State Council on Accelerating the development of the tourism industry on" document, should be said that the tourism industry in the spring came again. The Wudang Mountain is also the strategic positioning of China's tourism a pillar industry, strategic and long-term means, a pillar industry to illustrate this is to build a modern service industry is a major aspect.

In addition, we in western Hubei Province, where the eco-cultural tourism as a priority ring to Mount Wudang, Wudang Mountain in Hubei this place compared to more recent from the Xi'an, Xi'an, Wudang, Shennongjia, the Three Gorges This is the golden tourism circle, there is so good the local landscape in central China are also unique to this one. Wudang's resources are complex, and allow collection of the Taishan Mountain, Putuo Mountain, the Forbidden City, Thousand Island Lake, the temple of the advantages of features, at latitude 32 degrees, the Taoist temple houses a large living room every day a person can live to old age. The Tai Lake Thousand Island Lake is more than three times can be called 10000 Island Lake, today we see only the tip of the iceberg had been so great, equivalent to Hong Kong Island, the entire area, the vastness of it, great. Putuo Mountain is a Buddhist shrine, Wudang Mountain is a Taoist shrine, which are in line with the arts resources are our ancestors left us, and it is made of days, any place of non-renewable such a good environment, we should cherish, but also cherish the province, which Wudang Mountain as a key to building planning.

Our third opportunity is Shiyan opportunities for development. Shiyan City is strengthening infrastructure construction, all the three highway opened, the terminal is also under construction, airport planning is the Wudang airport, pre-active in overcoming various difficulties, procedures are very fast. In addition to the opportunities offered by the airport and the highway and immediately going to build one from Beijing to Chongqing after Mount Wudang dynamic car, next to the Wudang Mountain ride EMUs, 350 kilometers from Beijing to Wudang three hours can be reached, but also from further to Chongqing. So, Wudang Mountain is very good prospects for the future, it is in China's heart-shaped position, away from the Xi'an is also very close to, the location is very important, since the traffic is even more easily accessible, state-building it as an important hub, simultaneous connections Shennongjia, can go to Three Gorges to see beauty, to the Shennongjia to see Savage.

Have a good situation and also need a group of doer, and now is a healthy industry, age, health is the best place to Wudang Mountain, self-cultivation cultivation are present, the future development of situation is quite good!

Have just said is the whole big situation, tai-chi lake ecological and cultural tourism area is also the focus of Shiyan City, Hubei Province to build eco-cultural tourism area, the potential of cultural tourism area is very large, sports, leisure, and health aspects, the first stage is Huangshan Tourism, represented by the second stage is represented by leisure and tourism in Lijiang, the third is a holiday, the fourth is a healthy health tourism. This is the mountains and rivers, heaven and earth yin and yang. Tai Lake District, the building of eco-tourism should be said to hold a one Olympic team, the United States, Britain, Australia and many other countries, bringing together outstanding designers, we are confident to build a good future in this region will not live up to the experts, including our ancient building including everyone's hope. Our goal is to set a world-renowned Chinese class, now known as world-renowned world-class. The leadership of the National Tourism Administration After reading that this place is the future of China's largest potential for one of the most eco-cultural tourism area, the prospects are very good. Chi Lake district tourism eco-cultural tourism, leisure, vacation, sports, fitness, travel and other functions, is a composite type. We believe that our joint efforts, the future lake ecological and cultural tourism area tai chi must be standing in China, but also at the national level a worthwhile project.

Wudang Taiji lake behind the truth (3)

Taiji Lake project will be a regional strategy to achieve the value of the entire platform

(Atkins Design Group, China's technology director, principal consultant, Dr. Ge Yi)

Our research group has been exploring Tai Chi Lake eco-cultural tourism area of regional development patterns, and living in tourist areas Wudang what stage of development patterns, attributes and characteristics, this issue is still process. There is a definition, you can see most of our regional development process, especially in the past 15 years, the process of urbanization, the tourism development process has a typical feature, namely that full advantage of the present value of the region, through various investment and Fast Implementation of development methods, which is now the basic pattern. In fact, in Wudang Mountain Tai Lake this project, we constantly find a new integrated approach that any manager of a regional government under the conditions of the common participation of the core values of a region to re-carding, core resources and external resources re-integration, this is a good path for the entire region continued to enhance the way, and most mainstream awareness of attitudes and behavior.

First, in the environment throughout the region, Tai Chi Lake project will be the value of the entire platform for a regional strategy to achieve this is to be fully understanding of its role and also the whole project implementation process and to protect the core conditions of regional development.

Second, the middle of doing a lot of general regulations, general rules to solve three problems, first to solve the layout problem, the second is to build the layout of the problem, the third operating mechanism to solve the problem, this is a complete development approach. The working surface is a technical process, in fact it is precisely the value of the entire region through the regional planning system and has been the last meeting.

Talked about macroeconomic issues, December 1 the State Council issued a document that next year to promote tourism, regional and national key project to develop, it is precisely the U-shaped curve in the overall macroeconomic most important contrarian industry, is also very much in line Now the entire development phase of Lake Tai Chi Wudang tourist areas and large tourism development throughout the Western Hubei and processes in place, timing is very good and its environment is also very good.

Social pooling Another environmental problem is the political environment, social responsibility, market-oriented process, which is also the experiment in the reform process, Chengdu, Chongqing has been facing problems, social capital can not participate in the development of co-ordination of the entire region. Social responsibility can market it in the next phase of project development, and farmers in the resettlement process will be confirmed.

For the Tai Chi Wu Tai Chi group in the whole lake or overall Wudang region's role in the past, we have two considerations, one said to be carriers, real estate operations and urban operators. City carriers from the two dimensions do,In the first level of the economic boom, the second is to improve the level of the urban environment. Taiji Group of the Lake Tai Lake Eco-tourism in the whole planning of more developers, contains in addition to economic environment, the role of other two dimensions, from the regional social development, promotion and co-ordination, to the culture of the entire project to upgrade, more has done a promotion and discovery process. This process there are four very important part.

The first is a market-oriented planning of the rule, not just the past to meet the urban planning and rural areas, township planning system under the conditions; second is the need to direct complete industrial chain functions and urban functions; third is to promote local Feeding the construction of social equilibrium; fourth is to create awareness of employment opportunities to enhance public services.

From a strategic point of view the value of integrating and upgrading the entire process, there are four aspects of the idea first to make use of cultural heritage, enhance culture and real estate; second nature to rely on to build leisure; third to help improve the development of an integrated environmental values; Article Area 4 should improve the operation of the entire function, and create models to do the output value. Landscape and cultural resort is a kind of output value, this can also be properly applied to the other tourist resort.

Wudang Taiji lake behind the truth (4)

From the great mountains and rivers great humanistic point of view to study and formulate the planning

(China Architecture Design & Research Institute National Housing Research Center, Dr. Chung Ji-Shou)

from the planning level and talk to the Wudang Tai Chi Lake the value of the development of regional integrated exploration process, in fact, Wudang Tai Lake Tourism Area rely on our world-class cultural tourism real estate Wudang Mountain Tourism Scenic Area, while there are a tourism culture shopping district, and is the Wudang Taiji Lake eco-cultural tourism area, the location is the same strain, which constitute the fundamental health of Lake Tai Chi block value system. That geographical location and its own perspective and from the blocks constitute a sense of cultural cited the angle is entirely consistent with the plan, and we go up the mountains asked, down to the lake to experience health tai chi.

Our planning the theme of landscape and their health, planning the concept of eco-real estate, and health culture and the background of a new socialist countryside. Time in the planning framework based on respect for nature, respect for history, respect for humanity, respect for development point of view to build the whole eco-cultural tourism area planning. The planning principle is closely around the protection of ecological and human environment Wudang rational use of land, the value of the formation of regional integrated development planning system.

We are planning three major central area, one is the core of urban functional areas, relying on the old town and the construction of Wudang Tai Chi Lake District work together to build the core of urban functional areas; second is the core area of health tourism, this core area will include six Functional Area together constitute the core area of health tourism; there is a core center is the headquarters of outdoor recreation. Throughout the planning to pursue the following five strategies: The first is cultural experience health tourism area, with emphasis on experience; second low-carbon eco-building; also co-ordinating the construction of urban and rural practice; there is a new countryside new model experiments; 5th is the realization of the value of regional integration.

Throughout the planning level, we keep abreast of the international and domestic development trend of the overall strategy, for example, tourism as a core industry, the future development of health as the fourth largest emerging industries; to low-carbon a major strategic concern of the international issues, as our entire eco-cultural tourism area planning the core elements of value, from the planning level attention to ecology, concerned about the tourism, concerned about the culture.



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