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Taekwondo fight combat rules

Hakka people in Fujian2010-02-17 04:10:59 +0000 #1
I've always liked things get

singing ah, ah

hands jumping swinging ah

would like to ask Taekwondo fight in actual combat rules?
694,782,5412010-02-17 04:20:58 +0000 #2
Taekwondo Taekwondo competition time

every game is divided into three Bureau, Bureau of game time every 2 minutes, during inning breaks a minute. Youth Championships for three bureau every game, every game I time for two minutes, during inning breaks a minute.

Taekwondo match referee password

This is not a problem, as long as a simple study can be understood.

Taekwondo referee commonly used passwords, Korean Chinese Korean Chinese voice-controlled comparison table sound

1 Hana 2 children 3 Governor's Cup is a four-to five dozen Division 6 Division 7 Erie cushion pressure governor 8 children 9 children

A Call 10 oil stand at attention twitter column began to separate the Ga West, at first glance that the cable end of the slide to continue to prepare the prospective Gaman suspension than the time-to-hi-hi dry

warning time to the points should come first Gamu are red H Green Orange

taekwondo competitions allow the use of the technology

the use of boxing The technology must be clenched fist, using boxing positive part of the index finger or middle finger hitting; the use of the foot of technology, must be below the ankle hit the front of the foot.

It should be note that, palm, elbow, knee and other technologies can only be applied in peacetime exercises or materials used in powerful performances,

in the race against use; grasp, hug, hold, push, and so movements in the race is also a ban on the use of the If there are, they will be fined a warning once, warned that the two will attract one point.

Taekwondo competitions allow an attacker to the site

taekwondo competitions allow an attacker to more than hip to the site, including the following, as well as the subclavian Liang Lei Department, can attack back. Head and neck forward of the front of the ears is only allowed to use their feet to the technical attack.

Taekwondo Competition How to Score

to use the technology to allow accurate and effective scoring hit by a powerful position, hit the first 3 points, spin kicks, and after playing two hours, other technologies have 1 point. Referee countdown no extra points. The maximum score a technical movement score of 3 points.

Effective scoring position, including the Ministry of the abdomen and Liang Lei, as well as face to allow the site of attack.

Such as the use of technology to allow brace to protect the non-hit have been effective scoring position, down the other side press the score terms.

Taekwondo competition winning ways

(1) knockout win (KO wins)

(2) the termination of the referee game wins (RSC wins)

(3) abstain from the other side wins (abstention wins)

(4), disqualify the other party wins (loss of cell-sheng)

(5) wins the main referee fouls (fouls wins)
madhouse Diary2010-02-17 05:00:50 +0000 #3
Online plenty of their own scouts bar



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