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Open Tae Kwon Do Center for Trade and Industry needs to produce a coaching license please?

Taekwondo cultivates the heart2010-02-17 05:10:10 +0000 #1
To apply for Trade and Industry of the Taekwondo Hall of the license to produce the segment for the card do? The human body Taekwondo School graduate degree, but the school had not obtained his Commerce and Industry does not know to do as evidenced by the need to segment
High N Rice2010-02-17 05:16:33 +0000 #2
go to apply for Trade and Industry Museum's license does not require coaching certificates Road. However, in province of Tae Association of registration of collective membership needs (Curator) provides WTF three paragraphs card. Of course, you can plan and only licensed and not registered in the province of Tae Association. In this case, your Road Museum is legitimate business units, you are the rightful legal representative. but You can not organize your students participated in the provincial Tae Society l segment examination.



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