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How can within 6 months Enhancing Sanda

Top of my badly beaten2010-02-17 05:11:04 +0000 #1
My 18-year-old weight 73KG Height 1.75M want to come out within 6 months to practice as long as it does not require more powerful easy to achieve self-protected, they can not know a short period of 6 months training Sanda What kind of steps to how 6 months at the gym and thought how much money just to start the how to learn! I like contact sports usually love to watch martial arts competitions and Sanda Wang Feng. Ligament in demanding a harsh is not on the ligament was not too good!
sparrow2142010-02-17 05:14:11 +0000 #2
want to reaches within 6 months can be no question of self-preservation is the ligament bad

you will restrict your legs to play France

6 months, you try to the ligament pulled up some, so that the law leg speed, altitude, power can be up

In addition, you should pay attention to practice boxing and wrestling in particular, boxing

If you can hit each other with heavy blows crucial, most people would instantly lose their The crucial point of the combat effectiveness of the specific parts

Louzhu own search bar, no ask

boxing strength exercises include push-ups, etc.

As for the legs, France Since one can not kick very high, it blows to the main exercise for the knee. Also make an instant adversary hors de combat

the wrestling focus to master one or two on it. To achieve proficiency. Proficient in the actual wrestling is very difficult to play a role.
wxsz452010-02-17 05:50:25 +0000 #3
6 months, no, you see those who have practiced for several years or even 10 years.
314,941,5642010-02-17 05:38:29 +0000 #4
want to achieve self-protection, this is very vague! If you would like to exercise in school, I tell you that a good use, I am also in school exercise, do not have time to go home will know to play

First of all, get out of bed early in the playground to run hot laps warm-up, squat, leapfrog, Then jump rope skipping this right Sanda useful (if you often watch the game, you will find both missed the training for each boxer skipping) This is a lower extremity exercise, I personally believe that lower limbs are useful! As the saying goes good: Hand is a two door, thanks to foot beat.

Ligament of the right amount of bad can do this is to look at their own

and then eat eat beef, eat eggs (to eat egg white, do not eat yellow)

in the afternoon time to do pull-ups, push-ups

and then look for playing the sandbag his hair stick up point

is not strong is immune



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