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Chi-easy road

ninngee2010-02-17 06:10:09 +0000 #1
Will the chi-do will really go the wrong? A child growing up in the temple, remember that there is a master taught me a breathing space of the game (then 5 years old), and now want to come, it should be qigong, and OK, but Recently finished being reactive often have chest pain, feeling of electric shocks , in particular, get out of bed the morning woke up when the right hand and sometimes sudden weakness. There is about 10 minutes to be back to normal. How's going on? Not because of age, caused by the small memory unclear, because the power law is very simple, just the two positions was that fun, so remember very vividly now.
ss123952010-02-17 06:20:16 +0000 #2
Council, savvy enough they will be persistent in your

must be incomplete

Action Gong bleed air because of the complex, usually the text written on paper, it is easy to learn the wrong.

Because few people understand, incorrectly relay erroneous messages result is wrong. After all, did not practice for several decades and you do not know the movements inside the trend of the gas transported.

I guess you have to move his hands clasped together Zhan Zhuang 2


two hands above their heads, Shuang Zhang reversal, with the overturned palm, fingertips to the head.

Guess you change a reactive species of bar, it is recommended Taoist Jing Gong, what do not want to. Get a sense of slow air, but the air pure.

Chest pain and feeling of electric shocks should be a correction of the tendons when inhaling the feeling? Nothing expiratory breathing pain is not it? It does not matter with qigong.

Right hand sometimes suddenly unable to show exercises incomplete, or savvy enough. Left brain in the inhibitory state. The brain may also be tied to the category.

In general is not received partial power. As a scholar of the gas sense is not very sensitive to gas will gather in inappropriate places brought discomfort. Is equivalent to put a dumbbell on his shoulders. Originally Lianwan the dumbbell should be down, but you confiscation of power, this dumbbell Crimping you a night on the next day only to find the shoulder purple. Therefore, power received will be written in the final.
dkxyxr2010-02-17 06:56:39 +0000 #3



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