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I am now 15 years old. . However, little effort than most people ==! How to do? Dade Hao, then add 5

Is veryのemperor2010-02-17 06:10:43 +0000 #1
164cm .. not very short -

size can be regarded as thin,

but I am not the kind of cold because the cold is easy to people oh

Last year I and a small one-year friend of my doo Hand,

he is reading type, height about 157cm. .

Sisiwenwen, in which strength is the smallest class. .

One time a friend pulled the past and his struggle to receive hand,

I actually lost to him. . ! !

Very much surprised. .

Heard that weight lifting will affect the height ah

I want to grow any taller. . However, do not want to strength so weak

how do ah? I felt good the weak

Dade Hao, then add 50 points. .
Otaku travel2010-02-17 06:17:07 +0000 #2
training, and money to buy some professional equipment, no money on the ordinary instruments can be, so I really do not do push-ups every day, I'll do push-ups every day, and now chest and arms are large, note that: To insist that from time to time to increase training volume, the progress of their good experience of their own, facing the mirror to see their muscles bigger, believe me I am someone who has. I used to do 100 a day grounding, the beginning of training the less do first, and slowly add, I believe you will succeed!
Eagle Special Wong2010-02-17 06:55:49 +0000 #3
a word, exercise, Ha ha! You can buy some simple equipment, such as grip strength and grip ring finger exercises and strength of arm exercise bar arm strength, not much money to spend, buy a little time to pick their own laborious on the line, usually do so the government leaning rest, sit-ups啦not take a month, again, and his black hole, Sophia Bibi ......
2010-02-17 07:20:33 +0000 #4
Buy chest, wrist force device and strength of arm bars train their own forces.



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