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Taekwondo Fighting routine performances

Floating Flower Rouer2010-02-17 08:10:08 +0000 #1
be able to provide two-fighting routine video? Performing with.

Do Tai Chi routine, it is a single person, and not fighting.

Make it clear point is suitable for performing routine used in actual combat. . . That clear yet?

Good extra points!
2375851772010-02-17 08:13:55 +0000 #2 This is a tough-jie Hou a taekwondo teacher album, which has three steps to the ITF training, as well as some of the training performance, it should be helpful for you, but not the only one album in the album search by youku where his name, you will find information about taekwondo's six albums, which included Chen Weijun's Self Defense tutorial can also be used as a fighting routine performance.

Hope this helps.

This is the Chinese Taekwondo demonstration team to conduct a fighting demonstration, action is not fast, should be able to learn something.
Whole life 252010-02-17 08:46:23 +0000 #3
allow coaches to the row about, and we show when it was like this, there is no fixed routine, nor can he "make"



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