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I want to learn fighting skills

flh136067342762010-02-17 08:10:51 +0000 #1
what kind of Tae Kwon Do I feel superfluous and too little real effect, I was to self-defense, note that I am a man, do not recommend Women's Self Defense. I would now like to know where you can learn the best professional point, the price does not matter. I thought about joining the army, but the physical demands are too high, I had better go to the army is training, is there a way? My ultimate goal is to learn combat skills, we help out, Please in
oQQo7563659552010-02-17 08:24:41 +0000 #2
daily Zama step, practice, Paul you are the Titanic, I insist that for nearly six months, really effective,,

Ma Step Fitness surgery

the first step, low-pile (degree bend) Bu Chong Quan (Quan heart to empty), one of about 100 the next (about 30 seconds to complete), intended to keep practicing after going to the lower abdomen for three minutes. Practicing twice a day.

The second step, an increase of 10 a day, the day can not be broken.

The third step, in March, after the completion of 1000 will be the next one; if in 2000 the next better; time not exceeding 10 minutes (usually one minute 200 below).

The fourth step, when reached under the 1000, he no longer red boxing, only learning Siping type Bu static stance, can be static station. 10 minutes to reach the end of the case is intended to keep lower abdomen 3 minutes.
尊のRegal ☆2010-02-17 08:26:24 +0000 #3
go to the army ah
wangpankang0002010-02-17 09:28:11 +0000 #4
recommendations Louzhu to learn Wing Chun is not for everyone because of your physical differences determine your skill difference is hard to see your real value is one superb level of Wing Chun quite sinister move on the people I study three Wing Chun Wing Chun techniques have been used one hand uniforms. This man around 120 pounds Height Yi Miqi
rain Xintian2010-02-17 09:13:44 +0000 #5
the best, most simple practice Sanda.

It was the easiest fight started. Has little time to practice, and effective.
Car fish2010-02-17 09:22:24 +0000 #6
It seems that you are not on the martial arts is deep-seated understanding, it is recommended you more access to some information, deepen understanding of the meaning of the martial arts, Xue-wu can not hurry, there is no crash of the martial arts, there is also a deceptive, no matter what martial arts has its own unique aspect, can be reaches the best, the key is to look at the physical conditions of practice, in short, learning a Seiichi door, multi-practice of study, many lessons to other martial nutrition, is the martial arts of the kingly way.



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