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Will FEDOR record 31-1, 1 NC What does it mean ah? 31 wins a Heiichi negative? Who lost the ah? NC t

wbn872010-02-17 08:11:16 +0000 #1
Also BROCK That 4-1 record is only how to play four games on the second row of it? Many people have followed his Well
deadwoods2010-02-17 08:19:46 +0000 #2
31 wins and 1 1 no result

that will not actually negative in 2000, when fedor was not yet known how dark referee = =

5 years later have "won" fedor high-pull newly fedor beat X in

1 second without a result, his head hit the head the results of fedor Tauren broke a hole in corner of the eye bleeding

Tauren, and fedor beat three games 1 games 2 games lost No results

So many people have not lost heart fedor including the training of the current time

As for Abu-time in college is very NB the NCAA Championship, League of American University and later in the WWE wrestling champion

So there is a very famous UFC fight when the first three games of the championship randy couture challenge was won after the results of MIR

no way to win mir ranked No. 3 and then how is the UFC heavyweight champion was also ranked No. 2

saying ufc champions are ranked Less than No. 2 Well, this how to say = =



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