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WWE RVS 2009 games, how to select the object of attack?

Ric_ShaD2010-02-17 09:10:57 +0000 #1
In one-on-two game where好惨just to suppress a person to interfere with another person who, wants another shot ring but can not always attack. . .
Golden professionals Wang boss2010-02-17 09:24:04 +0000 #2
I have also encountered this problem, but then I found the solution: the first at full gas at the same time press L and R, the gas she saved up, resort to the full gas, and then give on one opponent with large strokes, and then for another opponent of "big or small strokes" is kind of a blue triangle prompt, just press L + R save gas just to this
King, Dr. I2010-02-17 09:18:42 +0000 #3
can not choose. As you attack the referee, only players on the ring is your target.

But sometimes say (your opponent) and the referee in a line like you can attack other targets



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