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Was threatening to exercise their own

Forgot instead of making cloth2010-02-17 10:11:24 +0000 #1
My first two days because of something a little joke by a third-year dwarfs the threat called several people, about eight individuals, of which five individuals have half a head high, I ah, a group of hooligans, scum, if I have a deal If they can beat at least two, but there are ways to make themselves stronger and able to deal with them a few people? I do not want to encourage people, they are a bunch of junk that did not consider themselves very powerful ability that is a human being becomes bad mood all day who want to fight, and I really want to teach them that, ah, think of the fire here a while, even teachers and parents they are not looked down on , and also who nonetheless got them? I would like to take at least more than a month now, with winter time to practice physically strong, and for justice, I can certainly suffer a daily practice are all right, what a good way to make me stronger in a month's up?
bingjian78882010-02-17 10:13:36 +0000 #2
In fact, according to teachers and parents on the idea that the report of the teacher reports of parents, but this is unrealistic things, parents, teachers can follow you all day to protect you? Do rely on my own, I also experienced such a thing, read the three-year vocational school, I spent one year as the school boss! (Bragging is not a person) by virtue of?

1, Leng's afraid horizontal, horizontal fear not fate.

2, to making new friends, to pay intimate friends, can you Liangleichadao friends. A friend many others will not bully you, right! Bully me before you think he would bully his friends that he will definitely help you to bully you're a bully gang!

3, for others generous attempts, not bully!

A bit like teaching triad, I am 25 this year, faster, and I also come from you this time, I have experienced being bullied, but you do not bully others, remember! ! ! Prisoners who do not make me I do not! ! ! Now this society really is no way to

work must use brains, not reckless! Do not solution of the gas, put himself into planting! Everything cool with the brain! Never! ! !

Now what the broken social atmosphere! ! !
weni12302010-02-17 10:39:54 +0000 #3
fight must rely on a ruthless, I will not say more, you get it know how to do it
thmdk2010-02-17 10:40:59 +0000 #4
fighting violence with violence is a civilized style?
jinzhao922010-02-17 11:08:27 +0000 #5
Do you have the courage and conviction, very good. However, this alone is not enough. Do not say you did not practiced, even if you practiced for some time, that is to say individuals can play 3,4. While the other 8 individuals, or even more, you can do them all down? The answer is no. This time, it is not simply presume the time heroes, wisdom.

You have only a month's time, and then Zenmo it is impossible to train to become masters at once. Therefore, you should not choose to go it alone, you need some like-minded friends. I suggest that you learn Sanda this time and thought of some simple and practical moves. To the real needs when the shot must have the courage to face the other side though many people, but only a motley bunch. Once they are on, it is necessary to use the fastest speed down one or two people. Injury of their fingers, it is better off one means that when the shot must not be soft, be sure to use the fastest speed so that the other party hors de combat. Is simply to harsh choice to, after all, the enemy's mercy is for their cruelty. When you're down two, they will not act rashly in. Of course, if you have a partner to help, your chances of winning will be greatly increased.

The last to say that this world there is no absolute justice, but the scum of the case, to violence with violence is the best way.



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