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Chinese Kung Fu is now ranked first in the world can be a few?

tiandaben0012010-02-17 11:10:48 +0000 #1
A detailed description! !
attackwc2010-02-17 11:17:22 +0000 #2
What kind of logic? Kung Fu how rankings? If you do self-study on youku so-called most powerful, like Brazilian jiu-jitsu Taekwondo professional team has been kicked out of the mess
520howard2010-02-17 11:30:03 +0000 #3
No Who can say that he is first in the world!

Because the waves pushed forward waves! Mountain more than a high mountain!
tiandirenwoxin2010-02-17 11:54:43 +0000 #4
most of the people is Russia's Fido Amy Lian-ke

"fighting tsar" Fedor Emelianenko

Fido Amy Lian-ke (Fedor emilianenko)

Nationality: Russia, Birthday: September 28, 1976, height 183cm, weight 105kg.

good: a Russian uppercut (arm straightened, fists, when a great extent), ice Fist (suppressed in the opponent's win, in order to swim in the freestyle fierce opponent of the non-stop North Korea punched ), combination punches, wrist against the cross-solid, bare twisted, Kimura Lock

title: The Last Tsar (THE LAST EMPEROR), 60 parts per billion of the strongest one.

Mixed martial arts circles filled with smoke, "Men," Mirko delivery with the new peak in the two-game losing streak to make their own were retired, PRIDE middleweight king "Brazilian general" road tile expedition UFC unexpected set back, come to grief ring. "Spider-Man" Anderson. Silva (Anderson Silva) the success of regime change, so that new ones UFC middleweight moon days. Fighting continued by the new heroes of the past generation, the strong challenge, winner takes all, newcomers continue to emerge at all levels, each a leading position. Despite drastic changes in ring, it is not only to reflect: Who can really Swordsman, who is the real king of the MMA ring? In this乱世出英雄of MMA Warring States era, the hearts of everyone who is really the first person to MMA? Is only one answer, he is the strongest man known as the six billion "fighting czar" - fido (Fedor Emelianenko).

September 28, 1976 Fido was born in Russia, his family background and the fighting seems to be no relationship, his mother a teacher, his father was a welder. In such a mundane and ordinary families, we would be hard to imagine the birth of a world What attracted the attention of the "fighting czar." Not rich in the growth environment, are more people from the Philippines and more fun for the martial arts of love and learning. Russian Sambo techniques (Sambo) world-famous, is a kind of combat Sambo include the joints on the ground and kicked him throw and a rich integrated martial arts techniques. Fido from an early age she began to practice Sambo and judo (Sambo / Judo), although his physical condition did not seem exceptional, but his insights for the fighting ability and his skill with technological superiority was awarded the Russian Sambo champion, and the glorious was elected member of the Russian judo team.

MMA ring gained, fighting the Czar monarchs of the sky

183 cm, weight 106 kilograms more than in the heavyweight Philippine player can only belong to is the little man, may not look like he is neither an angular block muscles, there is no height weight of the benefits, even in his dull eyes, as you can not see that kind of vicious murderous Tyson, so that a seemingly ordinary Russians have created a Philippine multi-MMA in the history of one miracle after another.

His fighting style is always the other competitors shudder, because you almost can not pry his eyes out of his emotions, even against non-defeat in the pride of the king mino he, too, showed no ecstatic, slow The gently raised his fist

apparently declared that pride heavyweight gold belt early is his foregone conclusion, his eyes like a wolf on the Russian snow-capped mountains, always so calm and peace was when he looked like is to look at opponents with a dead body.

He comes from ice and snow of Russia; his Pride undefeated heavyweight arena; his beer belly and fat, chubby charmingly naive - yes, he is Fedor Emelianenko, has a "fighting czar", "6 billion The strongest man "and the title of the legendary fighting a genius!

2000 Fido into the professional MMA session, in 2000, he was formally integrated into the famous Japanese fighting Rings tournament. In the game whether it is superior boxing skills performance is a manifestation of the ground joints, the Philippines has been more comprehensive technical people to panic as "divine beings" and become the first generation of ring Rings heavyweight king. The unexpected is that in the event he was accidentally Rings suffered so far only a defeat. December 22, 2000 in the Rings game business for the near Fido encountered in the game well-known Japanese MMA veteran - Kosaka gang. Number of accidents in the race and the Philippines have been Kosaka eyes just abrasions, wound bleeding, even though Fido has not lost the ability to play, but the medical supervision because of safety considerations or the decisive players end the game, according to the rules in order to match Fido lost by way of TKO.

2002 Fido left the Rings, fought in Japan, the highest level of Mixed martial arts event - was then a flourishing PRIDE ring. In this piece brings together the world's top players of the ring, the Philippines more than the performance of its own quickly became the focus of world attention. PRIDE 21 in the Philippines in the number of opponents is the famous K-1GP triple crown of 211 cm "giant magic" Sami (Semmy Schilt), Sami sharp knee-law in the Philippines more than the exquisite face of wrestling completely "misfiring" , in the race is almost impossible to stand steady, three rounds several times shorter than he is nearly 30 centimeters Fido twist down to the ground, losing the final determination; and the fight against the Department of PRIDE star "Dekesasi Crazy Horse," Niehaus ( Heath Herring) Fido is also an excellent ground attack in a round of Assault on ring. Philippine Multi-game winning streak in the PRIDE25 players to get a challenge to heavyweight champion "magician jujitsu" Antonio (Antonio Rodorigo Nogueira) the eligibility of Mars in this big crash, the Philippines many of Russian GNP (on the ground smashing fist) Let Jiu-Jitsu Magic past the vagaries of joint technology, invisible, and replaced the alarm that can only be in the audience again and again bear the heavy blow over the Philippines will eventually hand over the title of heavyweight king to give way to a smooth coronation Fido the second generation of PRIDE heavyweight king. After fighting the Czar showed the king of iron fist would be a strong challenger to a showdown: 4 minutes 17 seconds bare twisted Fujita of Japan's leaders and the heavyweight, 54 seconds Cross-solid uniforms judo champion of the arrogant Naoya Ogawa, in Kevin. Redman (Kevin Randleman) shaking a fall remains intact, and eventually reverse the Kimura lock uniform opponents, two wins over former UFC and PRIDE champion, Mark. Kuhlman (Mark Coleman), 3 Fan Antonio restoration of war to destroy the dream. April 3, 2005 PRIDE Bushido 6 event Fido with a TKO retaliate to bring their own defeat and had a high hillside just a shame the snow before, but also established itself as invincible position. Followed by Fido on the right hand finger injury cases, virtually alone on the left hand against the "Men of Croatia," Mirko, boxing lie 26 seconds to play the "Black Giant" Zulu (ZULU), Kimura joint technical one round yield of the former K -1 champion Mark. Hunt, a large number of masters are challenging the king of the road frustration and go.

November 10, 2007, the Philippines successfully defended in Prague more than a combat Sambo World Championships (Combat Sambo World Championship) undifferentiated champions. December 31, 2007 at the M-1 organizations in the Philippines jointly organized by Japan over the year-end tournament suffered a 218 cm, South Korea Ju Han Choi challenge. Choi Hong-man not only has amazing height, even with 160 kg of a sturdy muscles, compared with Fido has nearly 35 centimeters tall and 54 kg of body weight advantage of the benefits. And as the calendar year, K-1GP8 strong players, Choi Hong-man combat skills and physical flexibility of a giant can not match the general cumbersome. Choi Hong-man wrestling before or South Korean players, for the non-wrestling is also an outsider, this battle is for Fido, or even for the limits of human beings is also a challenge. Technology can go beyond the physical differences so great? Start of the race, the giant Choi Hong-man of the footer does Fido exerted great pressure on both sides of the body as the difference between adults and children, dozens of cm wingspan gap between the number of boxing to the Philippines can not be a smooth play, while the 50 kg weight differences also make the Philippines more than wrestling seems very difficult. As the list of opponents before the game delayed more than the Philippines can not decide to leave the Philippines and more focused preparation for a very short time, but Choi is clearly more than sufficient for the Philippine research, build advantages into full play the race, using avoidance and the use of Circuit rope stretch and weight advantages of anti-suppression tactics, success will be more than the Philippines, under pressure in the body, and the use of ground-boxing attacks on opponents. The face of 160 kg of Juhan riding style boxing hammering the Philippines more than once demonstrated his superb skills and excellent psychological quality, the face of panic attacks in no way, not only the use of the body and head movement to avoid forfeiture of opponents from the opening to the under attack, even more incredible to seize the opportunity to get out right Choi sent to the front of the cross arm, performed like a volley solid, successful lock opponent's arm, 1 minute 54 seconds uniforms opponent to win. Their own performance once again demonstrated the King of fighting the status of tsar can not be shaken.

Fido training documentary, the King is so Tempered

accomplishments behind hard training. Fido training has its own unique, from the physical and in terms of basic quality, the Philippines more than physical training with a number of European and American players in different ways. Europe and the United States player in many of the cultural impact of fitness, like to barbell weight-bearing to increase their muscle strength to strength training to improve race performance, a stout body, mostly the muscle type. The "Hammer House" (HAMMER HOUSES) Boxing Hall as the representative of one of the Phil. Ballawni, Mark. Kuhlman and Kevin. Redman trio known as "fighting sessions of the muscle three brothers" . Fido has publicly said he does not in fitness equipment and weight-bearing by the main muscle training. The Fido looks fat, but in reality a soft type of body muscle also proved this point. Such soft muscular physique, not only durable and strong, more important is to have a strong explosive. Explosive in the fighting game is very important, it is also the subject of physical training over the Philippines. Fido strength training methods are not complicated, multi-hand movements of the mainly ordinary, such as the common boxing leaning rest and pull-ups. But the practice is different from ordinary people, and the Philippines more than a single part of the action is not an isolated muscle exercises, but rather whole body coordination, explosive power training in the main. Although boxing is the fighting in the leaning rest of basic training, but the rhythm of the Philippines to do more of this action I am afraid that not everyone can be completed in the Philippines and more fluid movements are very natural to a second two boxing leaning rest of the fast frequency completed. Overall movement relieved, feeling a little less than to contribute to the feeling, it seems that the state issued in the relaxation strength, and no unnatural and stiff feeling. In the pull-up training of ordinary people always pay attention when the body's stability, do not let the body swing, using only arm strength to pull-up to deliberately exercise the back and arm strength. The Philippines and more chin-up action is not only the use of explosive force to move fast to complete an astonishing average of one second to complete a pull-up, even with the use of body muscles, especially the jitter waist jointly undertaken and completed actions. Although there are no major equipment strength training, but is this really an effective training methods to make the body muscle groups receive training, but more strength training in a single device to enhance the body strength while improving physical coordination. In addition to hand strength training, the Philippines more and some equipment support training, including tire-lun hammer hammer smashed training and judo wrestling in the rubber band turned back training. Brandish big hammer to hit back tire force can be effective training, and this action is not an isolated muscle exercises, lower back strength while improving coordination and explosive power is also a good training effect. Elastic turn back the training of wrestling first appeared in the judo training, this action can be trained, the power and flexibility of the waist to enhance transfer waist wrestling and punching power to vote. Through this training, the Philippines throughout the joints more flexible and flexibility with the same level of superior in comparison to other athletes, especially in boxing, he's joints and muscles are "living": relax - Instant hair strength - through -- release, all in one, as the iron bolt in the chain on the ball, movement beyond the sensitivity and resilience of the general heavyweight standards.

Fido ability to strike a very good job in order to fist the famous "gang Li Wang," Jia-Rui. Goodwin Raymond James (Gary Goodridge) under the iron fist in the Philippines and more also only supports a 1 minute 09 seconds. The Russian style of boxing training in the Philippines has created a unique multi-boxing for launching attacks. The Russian boxing has its own characteristics: First, the punches pm, shoulder, waist transfer rate obviously, such a benefit is that the effective hit from a Russian boxing boxing than in the West far. Secondly, mobile stride big impact on the focus. Russia required to effectively attack the scope of boxing than the average boxing should be close, so the Russian style emphasizes a substantial move, to start from than other boxing distance, the other side be able to curb their own prior to pre-empt a substantial step forward and attack. Progress, while stressing his own front foot in the attack on the hands and feet with duplication of such a drastic step attack on the opponent at the same time be effective in the fight against the impact of rival center of gravity, even if they do not take a beating, but also point instability can not look into the status of prevention, is also conducive to the fight against technology and the combination of wrestling, so Fido can play in the game with Ling Duishou threw off guard. At the same time stressed that the Russian side of boxing movements, especially back, when the opponents line of attack when he was a big sideways you come back, playing flash combination, change from passive to active. Assault with the change to the interceptor is Russia's third characteristic of boxing.

As a Sambo world champion, the Philippines is very rich in number of terrestrial technologies, coupled with both soft and explosive body, allowing him to ground technology to respond flexibly according to the specific circumstances, the perfect completion of the ground attack and defense technologies. So far, no one can use the ground more than technology to create a substantial threat to the Philippines. And the Philippines is very good tactical awareness and more often able to seize the opponent's errors in the completion of a beautiful small joint technology deployment. Freestyle Wrestling World Championships Army marks. Kuhlman also submit to the Philippines twice a superb cross over, under solid techniques.

At present Fido MMA record of 31 wins and 1 0-Ping 1 inconclusive,In winning 31 games eight times (T) KO opponents, 16 joint technical Yield (Submissions) win seven times determine the winner. In the MMA ring on Fido almost swept all the powerful enemy. His deep grounding in Sambo and judo to get his full and rich terrestrial technologies, cross-solid (Armbar) and the Kimura lock (Kimura) is his preference for joint technology. Fido has a uniform solid cross-six games, opponents, opponent 3 games Kimura lock uniforms. In addition to terrestrial technologies, the Russian-style boxing training to create a Fido daunting "Russian uppercut." In his possession strike capability and ground capabilities are very good, playing more first-hand wrestling with a Russian ground GNP unique skills. Such a comprehensive technology allows fido can be in the game depending on opponent's technical characteristics and flaws in formulating counter-tactics. Fido cool surprise in the race led to his state of mind little mistakes every time we saved the day, successfully defeating a powerful enemy into MMA fighting is now a well-deserved tsar.

Main access to the title: 1996 Russian Judo Championship winning the General Assembly in 1997, the General Assembly, the Russian Sambo Championship winning the 1997 European Sambo Championship winning the General Assembly in 1998, an international A-class Sambo Championship winners (Moscow), 1998 Russia Judo Championship General Assembly resolution 1 (3 into the tour), 1998 Russian Sambo Championship General Assembly resolutions 3, 1998 Russian troops Sambo Championship Conference (heavyweight winners), 1998 Russian troops Sambo Championship General Assembly (undifferentiated grade quasi-winning), 1999, Russia International Sambo Championship winning the General Assembly (Moscow), 1999 International A-Sambo Championship third General Assembly (Moscow, Sofia city), in 2000 the General Assembly, the Russian Sambo Championship No. 3, 2000 European Sambo Championship winning the General Assembly in early 2001 on behalf of the RINGS world heavyweight king in 2002, no difference in the world-class RINGS King (RINGS in the history of the first two time winner) who in 2002 all Russian Sambo Championship winning the General Assembly (Moscow), in 2002 the General Assembly, the world's Sambo Championship winners (Greece), in 2002 the General Assembly, the world Sambo Championship (Panama undifferentiated class winners), the second generation of PRIDE heavyweight king in 2004, PRIDE-GP King ( PRIDE's first heavyweight in the history of those two time winner), WAMMA (World Integrated Fighting Union) heavyweight title.

December 2009, FEDOR EMELIANENKO become Russia's most outstanding athlete in history.



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