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Why is the North American professional ice hockey league in the fight is legitimate?

Pinsengfahao virgin2010-02-17 11:11:08 +0000 #1

Chen-kuo military counselor2010-02-17 11:19:38 +0000 #2
NHL attractive Another reason may be the bar fight. Ice hockey players fighting in the normal, which is a part of hockey, players are used, the audience likes to see, in fact most of the hockey game will have players fighting, if not always pan out what the children will be feeling just does not. Single from the competition point of view, precisely because hockey has the speed, skill, there is collision, which makes the fascination of countless people.

Other Campaign "fight" is illegal and will be sent off, while the hockey's "fighting" is legal. Hockey is a high speed intense exercise, athletes often occur between the violent collision and confrontation, and are thus prone to conflict, members of both parties joined forces to move. General jurisdiction are not immediately stop "fighting", but the club hat gloves aside and give players a good space "fight" was in fact a way of extracting players for both sides.

But the fight is limited, the two sides can not be kicked (skates very dangerous), not with clubs, to be empty-handed, generally when one side has been knocked down, or no longer ward off the power when the referee Only this up Quan Jia; Then each playing 50 big plates, is the severity of the situation to be a small fine or a big fine. Players also generally played calculated that to meet the future still Shuishuoxiaoxiao.

In contrast, hockey is also a high risk sport, so athletes are heavily armed, in spite of often difficult to avoid injuries. This athlete athletes collide with each other when the gloves come off, the wrist was the other player's club hit, so painful that he was carrying his injured hand Nazhi rolling on the ground, screaming so painful to stand up again collapsed to the ground , the audience looked worried and went to! And sometimes even bloody incidents, so a lot of people say that ice hockey is very violent, but this is also one of hockey's charm.

In the game the most prone to a fighting incident, there are two kinds of situation:

No. 1 strength of species is very similar to two teams, competition is very intense, then it is easy to fight the incident occurred.

Chapter 2 is the strength of two teams is too poor, the weak-side is also prone to furious fights.
Northeast Venture2010-02-17 11:41:05 +0000 #3
add a point to answer the above:

hockey fights sometimes a strategy game, from behind the team's players often provoked fighting in order to inspire the team's morale, the court reversed the situation, in order to turn defeat into victory. A classic example is the 2009 playoffs, first round of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia FLYERS Team PENGUINS the sixth game, FLYERS home court advantage at the start by virtue of a three-nil lead shortly after. As the first five games, PENGUINS 3 wins two negative lead, If FLYERS win this, the two sides that draw depend on the outcome of a decisive seventh game. so one can imagine that the situation was very favorable to the FLYERS. In this case, PENGUINS striker MAX TALBOT poor fight the initiative to invite FLYERS thugs DAN CARCILLO Qiecuo kung fu. TALBOT is not CARCILLO rival, could only parry the force, is obviously looking for beat go. CARCILLO won a little effort, in the audience cheers triumphant into the classroom. TALBOT serene cleaned himself in the referee escorted to row in the classroom, while the index finger points to indicate silent lips. voter's FLYERS fans what to listen to this, still crazy yelling. TALBOT sacrifice themselves in order to inspire the morale of the move were teammates saw this in mind, the team is determined to not let TALBOT white at the expense of one mind, be sure to take the score to recover. did not take long PENGUINS began scoring wave of rage out of control quickly equalized, which will eventually 5 made the game more than three victories, a total score of four to two would be FLYERS eliminated. PENGUINS also take this chance to fight its way through in the latter rounds of the way, becoming in 2009 the North American Hockey League championship. Many people think that if do not have one, perhaps there would be no PENGUINS holding Stanley Cup at that moment.

There is also a situation of fighting is because the A side a player (especially the star players) was B side of a player persists in arguing endlessly engage in bullying, or are not well play a very bad mood , when A party to another player (usually a full-time thugs) will have up finding fault, and the players do on a B side to show that A team is not just a manipulated the weak.

ice hockey players of each team are very united, buddies loyalty is very say that any one player in the market crash has been bullied by opponents, teammates are likely given a lesson on an opponent, pushing often escalate into a fight.



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