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Fighting death skills

a feel2010-02-17 12:10:20 +0000 #1
close fight in the techniques
zhuchenbx2010-02-17 12:22:48 +0000 #2
first say that I am aware of that fallacious please Haihan.

Visual dead ends, such as the ears down to connect the upper jaw joint. Uppercut - dislocation. And then right above the ears, uppercut. This is the skull seams, and the bone thickness than the thickness of the head Parkway Point thinner. Around the temple back a distance of about an inch.

Back - onslaught Yao Yan! Playing basketball all know what the other side weak elbow.

Armpit - has been hard hit, and the half of the body temporarily numb.

Both sides of the ribs, interrupted, then there will likely stab organs. Elbow is closed, the protection of the most rigorous part.

Smell of mutton in the hole, which is Xinwo. Explosive force is strong enough, and can even cause instant cardiac arrest.

Back of the neck, heavy blow is said to be under the direct and deadly.

Under the Yin on Needless to say, though also a fatal brain on a limited effect, but less than explosive. Have so far aware of this point, inappropriate please correct me.
JK3835668752010-02-17 12:18:11 +0000 #3
1 hit knock out
Oh help of 111,3322010-02-17 13:02:00 +0000 #4
Fighting Well refused to take a life and death are so many moral of the

first stitch Yin, Zaicha eyes, the last lock neck
Tao Ran France2010-02-17 12:59:55 +0000 #5
sticky with adhesive.



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