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How training in taijiquan

ocean199312082010-02-17 12:10:45 +0000 #1
how taijiquan A. I was a junior high school students. But I liked boxing. But I do not know how to practice. Who can help me think of a plan and practice their moves. There is a basic training in taijiquan way. Thank you. Every day I get up at 6 o'clock. 7:00 must go to school.
13804882010-02-17 12:19:25 +0000 #2
I answered, should be conveyed to sub-oh
I practiced martial arts for 12 years. this I pointing you have to

this should be specific and say a few words - first and foremost stop frame, a front and rear legs the center of gravity point between his knees.
, said the following in hand: two hands one after the previous one. in front of the hand and nose with a high. flac curved rib protection under the fist close to the amount.

in front of the boxing hand played out before the hand is called boxing. behind flac out of the boxing fight is called boxing. also known as the former hand-Zhi Quan flac Zhiquan

are now talking about the head: the amount of micro-end of the next. binocular visual front. That is the so-called stop frame.

if only to elaborate on not much may

You can try to maintain the station every day planes. playing Kong Quan - a long time, potential location of the limb and then try to find a sandbag or a fist fight about the target-target foot.

Here I will give you what exercises to develop a daily practice before the warm-up process

15 - 20 minutes "sweating"

the pace of movement:

left feet on the step with a twice-repeated shenfa move "according to the local size of the"

left feet on a side-step move with shenfa twice-

or so feet again retreat repeated twice-step move with shenfa


with the feet from side to side punching. Young

on the body after exercise is also very important.

push-ups: 20 by a group of four quickly got up and quickly Chong Quan 100 hand - Ci

Sleeper-ups: 20 x 4

a group of squat jump: 20 by a group of 4 or more what I have said also need to understand how your own. how to contact a good physical coordination

concrete have to look at myself



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