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What is boxing exercise is better?

Non-will2010-02-17 13:10:34 +0000 #1
Would like to practice a set of boxing to physical exercise,

in the fit and healthy at the same time more interesting,

do not know what boxing is better get started?

Previously studied at university, tai chi, always felt that was too soft a little.
Town, State army, division,2010-02-17 13:19:20 +0000 #2
you have to learn Yang style Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan is, if we are to keep fit and healthy you can learn tai chi, and you feel too soft, I personally think that is to teach you Taijiquan is also the person who just learned tai chi moves, rather than the core teachers, you have to practice tai chi, as in practicing Tai Chi exercises, so you feel a bit too soft. If you still insist on your view you can see this video:

Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan Tai Chi Chuan while capturing

divided Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu, Wu five people, including Chen Style Taijiquan and Yang Style Taijiquan the most widely accepted that any one group came from the simple to the difficult, if you are used to exercise the body, then no one can learn; if you want to add the words of real can learn Chen Style Taijiquan, as Chen Style Taijiquan combat better than the other Ge Jia (and I fancy this point is a direct learning Chen Style Taijiquan).

If the self-study, self-study will appear soon after the action is not correct, wrong and the action soon after the formation of habits need time to change several times over, and the video of the boxer in general will not completely recorded into the core of Tai Chi Chuan, even if the record into the core of things that beginners do not understand there to listen to the teacher to teach a timely manner will be very easy to train into the wrong the wrong path, but can only make you sense the core of Tai Chi can not be conveyed in words. I had gone through such a process is finally forced to find a teacher training, so you had better find a teacher to teach at the same time reading books, watching videos most appropriate.

You can start to teach the basis of Chen Zheng Lei Chen-style Tai Chi Essentials 18-style began practicing bar, followed by Chen Zheng Lei to practice the old frame all the way, and then further according to the basis of how you decide when to begin to practice.

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18-type 1

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18 type 2 / playlist / lid = 4351133 & iid = 19561733 & cid = 15

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18-style 3

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18 Type 4

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18-type 5 . do? lid = 4351133 & iid = 19564095 & cid = 15

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18-type 6

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials 18-type 7

Chen Zheng Lei Essentials of 18 type 8 = 4351133 & iid = 19564657 & cid = 15

Chen Zheng Lei and old frame all the way

for the tai chi exercise requirements while Gejia factions different but inseparable from the following one request: the basic method】

【tai chi to "shed,捋, squeeze, press, mining, Lie, elbow, depending on, enter, back, Gu, hope, will be" and other basic methods. Action bradycardia comfortable to require training in taijiquan am waist, close the jaw, straight back, hanging between, there are floating in the mood Tengyun. Qing boxer known as "boxing is like a sea, watching but not absolutely." Meanwhile, the tai chi chi-very great importance to the so-called "gas" is the spirit of cultivating the body's own strength (I personally think that this "Qi" is the process through training in taijiquan regulation formed the rhythm of breathing), which is Tai Chi boxing martial arts as one of the characteristics within the family.

①】 【taijiquan essentials intention meditation, breathing naturally, that is, thinking and practice their moves require quiet concentration, focus and guide movements, breathing steady, deep uniform nature, can not barely breath holding;

② Chiang Kai-shek times of refreshing, soft and slow, that is, the body to maintain stretch their legs and natural, even-handed, action, such as Xingyunliushui, gently smoothing slow;

③ action arc, round live a full, that action should be presented the form of spiral-shaped arc, convert a round of live and does not stagnate at the same time in order to waist as axis, up and down hand in hand , whole body composition as a whole;

④ coherent and coordinated, actual situation clearly, that action should be continuous, convergence Hwasun, always distinguish the actual situation, the focus remained stable;

⑤ ethereal calm, hardness and softness, that is, each action must be ethereal calm, non - Floating is not stiff, soft on the outside on the inside, made fresh to be complete, flexible, non-use of clumsy force.

Tai Chi on various parts of the body posture of the requirements are as follows: For the first - to maintain "virtual collar top powerful", there are ideas on the hanging should not skew swing, eyes to the natural head-up, mouth closed to light, tongue touch the palate; neck -- natural vertical, rotary and flexible, non-stress; shoulder - Euparagonimus Song Shen, non-on-Song, anterior cingulate, or post-tensioned; elbow - a natural bent Shen fall, to prevent stiffness or higher; wrist - sinking, "the collapse of the wrist," impulsive focused, not soft; chest - stretch their legs and micro-containing, non-recessed outer-ting or willfully; back - stretch stretching pull, known as "pull back" and not to bow camel; waist - Down Song Shen, rotating flexible, non - First the bow, or after-ting; ridge - Chiang Kai-shek upright, maintaining the natural body type correct; buttocks - inward micro-grabbing, is not outside the conflict, known as the "wandering buttocks", "grabbing buttocks"; hips - Song is with reduction , straining power absorbed in my limbs, not contorted, the former Ting; legs - solid solid, bending adaptation, transfer spin Brisk, moving smoothly, knees loose living nature, feet distinguish actual situation.


Taiji requested song static nature, which makes part of the cortex into the state of protective inhibition to rest. At the same time, boxing can be an active mood, regulate the role of the brain, but also play the more skilled, the more to be "first in mind, then in the body," and concentrate on guiding action. This long-term adherence, will be restored and improved brain function, eliminating the nervous system disorder caused by a variety of chronic diseases. Taijiquan request "Gas, Shen Dan Tian", intends to use abdominal breathing and increase breathing depth, and thus help improve the respiratory function and blood circulation. Easy movement through gentle, frail old people who can make the meridian at ease, metabolic strong, physical, functional enhanced. Tai Chi in the art of attack and on the unique distinct characteristics. It requires inaction, dealt with gently, Bishijiuxu, leveraging hair force, advocating everything from an objective starting, with the others live, by then the lag had been. To this end, Taijiquan particular stress on "Listen powerful", that is, to accurately judge each other's sense of oncoming force, to respond. When the other party has not launched before the rash itself will not be the first in order to induce each other's tactics, test the actual situation, the term referred to as "drawing hand." Once they launch, they have to quickly grab in front of, "He did not move, had the first move", "post-hair rock" will rival the introduction of so weightless fall, or the transfer of the other scattered forces, take advantage of the full fight back. This martial art tai chi principles, embodied in the push hands training, and routine actions essentials, not only can train people's response capacity, physical strength and speed, but also in offensive and defensive combat training, also has very important significance.

Shadow boxing, Ju will enable the physical and mental health, strong outside the solid, the help to clear the meridians, eliminating their feelings is indeed the outer strengthening the bones, which transferred Jingqi Shen of the effective means.
Stunning Tai Chi2010-02-17 13:49:11 +0000 #3
you learn of that is certainly Yang, Chen you learn about it, since the studied Yang, also considered a foundation, learn it is relatively easy, but Chen's speed and white, as well as hair force, the typical hardness and softness, pay more attention to the next disc effort, would like to practice a play, then I am afraid that insists on not down, practice practice, then I wish you a success of
xia operator2010-02-17 13:40:25 +0000 #4
can learn changquan three way - and other basic five-step boxing boxing



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