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Tower ditch how the training Sanda

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a strength; an upper extremity; front support, pull-up pituitary horizontal bar, parallel bars Arm flexion and extension, inverted front support

2 trunk; supine Prone to stand side-ups ups

3 lower limb; leapfrog jump on one leg squat,. . . . .

2 speed; short-distance running, fast-front support, listening to sounds or running responding,

3 endurance marathon, sustained a variety of sports

four flexible joints pressure horizontal fork, under the waist, bend waist. .

5 coordinating emergency run-STOP, snake run, shuttle run, a variety of complex movements

now to talk about the process of self-practice Sanda;

a standard practice to consolidate actions, 1, special emphasis hair strength order, in which location in space,

2 with a single step to do combination of technology, space technology and practice a single technology hit the air attack training, combination of technology, air strike 2, 3 pairs had no contact with each other to conduct offensive and defensive technology practice

3 Simulation practice with the provisions of the action repeatedly fed to recruit followers, practitioners according to their circumstances and make a reasonable defense or counterattack, such as the companion to use straight left offensive I face, I used the side-kick volley home rib bones,

4 target practice a fixed target attention to movement in point. Distance control, hair strength order, two activities, improve the response speed of the target sense of distance, hitting the target accuracy of three techniques, normative individual technology and combined technology Exercise 4 tactical targets, based on the assumption of a targeted manner to a fixed or random technology practice, actual practice conditions,


outline of the case. Details will depend on the level of the coaches



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