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Professional Muay Thai VS Kung Fu 2009 Where to see ah? Live did not catch up with the

72143762010-02-17 14:10:29 +0000 #1
question as I am now looking for faster we help him crazy!
wang sun2010-02-17 14:22:59 +0000 #2
at 19:30 on the 19th at the beginning of the country by the lake, as the exclusive broadcast via Xian.

Can now be found on Baidu into the game after the match video.

Thai side as follows:

60 kg class Kome to kill

65 kg-class ghosts see magic knee

70 kg to 75 kg boxing Cone eliminate the wind

80 kg Dragonslayer elbow

Chinese foreign personnel are as follows

60 kg Class Xu Fu nicknamed Cinderella

65 kg Dong Wenfei Nickname: excalibur pen flying to 70 kg Liu layers of nicknames: Hand

75 kg fell monsters, open Indian nicknames: prestige Shaoxia

80 kg class while Shigetomi nicknames: Little Tiger, K-Swiss Tiger, iron legs Wang, Fu-hu Diamond

after the match result, China 4-1 to win the second Dong Wenfei effect was kicked several times threw lose any points, lost to the other side.

4 games open printed in the first 3 innings of one mind flac Baiquan, plus a note right before the Baiquan,

plus a note on his left uppercut to KO opponents can not afford to pay, while the win.

The first four Board under the premise of 3:1 Wensheng, 5th Council playing both sides playing very polite, while the rich are

Shu boxing hands frequently before the score without the use of the premise of wrestling to win.
55361473802010-02-17 14:34:17 +0000 #3
xxwkof2010-02-17 14:33:04 +0000 #4



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