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Lut stick material, as well as lock

43,484,6382010-02-17 14:10:55 +0000 #1
online have seen a lot

the same issue of a stick version of the rejection, how material is also in several sub-ah

what kind of material good kind of bad in the end, I have mainly used self-defense,


the problem I see video, why the rejection will not be recycled wooden stick poke a stick ah blow, but stick close to the ground and back again, and can be temporarily locked Mody? Or something else
★ Dark Prince ★2010-02-17 14:16:37 +0000 #2
issue 1: Do you like high-end disposable chopsticks or chopsticks or a general chopsticks?

If it is disposable chopsticks, it is recommended to buy 30 million of the rejection stick. General enough to handle one or two of actual combat, but also cheap.

If it is a general chopsticks, 70-80 yuan to buy the performance of all aspects better, but certainly, after fighting a stick will leave a mark (as long as there is and the metal right to fight it).

If it is high-grade chopsticks, to buy the 130-280 + rejection stick there. But the fact is there will be shots of actual damage. Only high-end brands, it may appear to pull the wind only.

As for the steel, general steel sufficient to meet the fight 45. 440C of the class is also quite affordable, insisted to use those expensive imported steel is not much sense.

Lut stick poke attack will not be recycled wood sticks, that card-lock style. In other words, after having been thrown back, it is necessary in order to recover the ground force Meng Chuo, poke into the wood when the impact did not recover the card lock limit, it will not recover. Card-lock rejection stick may be stuck beyond recovery in addition to other various aspects of performance are good.



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