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What is the Chinese martial arts

Shanghai Museum of Canadian Imperial surgery2010-02-17 15:10:57 +0000 #1
Chinese martial arts is how to create ah
Town, State military counselor2010-02-17 15:17:17 +0000 #2
martial art's origins can be traced back to primitive society. At that time, humans had already begun with sticks and other primitive tools as a weapon to fight with the beast, one for self-defense, first, in order to hunt the means of subsistence, and later the people of wealth in order to compete with each other, thereby creating a more lethal weapons. Such as "Shan Hai Jing ‧ Oare North via" had "to make Bingfa Yellow Emperor Chi You," the record. In this way, human beings through the fighting, not only created a weapon, but gradually accumulated a certain sense of offensive and defensive combat skills.

In the Shang period, bronze industry in order to combat car-based, there are some bronze weapons such as spears, Ge, halberd, hatchet, ax, knife, sword and so on. At the same time, there have been the usage of such weapons, such as split, bar, barbed, or cutting techniques. In order to improve combat effectiveness, when the game has been in the form. Such as "Book of Rites ‧ kingship" contained in the "Where technological theory of executive power, fitness Quartet, bare Gu Gong, must shoot Yu", meaning that the level of martial arts contest.

Spring and Autumn period, iron there, step rise of cavalry, in order to play a role in the Buji war, long-handled weapons, shorter, short-throw weapons (especially blade) variable length, so that the contents of the weapons, the more enriched, martial arts The art of attack and has further highlighted the same time, martial arts, fitness role of attention. At this time in the form of a test of martial arts has been widespread, and more impetus to the development of martial arts. According to "pipe ‧ 7 Law" is contained, when each of the "Spring and Autumn corner try." According to "Zhuangzi ‧ The Human World" and "Xunzi ‧ Yee soldiers" as set out in a test of martial arts was very particular about techniques, boxing style of play with offense, defense , counterattack, diversionary attacks and so on.

Qin prevalence of angle and hand pump arrived in the game when referee, there are tracks, there are certain clothing. Jiangling County, Hubei Province in 1975, Phoenix Hill Qin tomb unearthed a wooden grate on the back of painting at the time of the grand game: the stage with the curtain streamers, stage 3 upper body naked man, wearing shorts, the waist line belt, foot wear Alice head shoes, two people in the game, a person with both hands protrusion for referee.

Han, with the sword dance, sword dance, dance Shuang Ji, Yue dance. All this shows that the time of Wu Wu Han was already evident in art of attack, there has tactics, and there are in the form of routine. Han is a martial arts period of great development, has formed a variety of technical style of the genre. Such as "Han. Yiwen Zhi" income "soldier skills" class will have 13, 199, are discussed in "Xi Hand, Foot, then equipment, the plot authorities to enact the attack and defense wins," the martial arts monographs.

Jin Dynasty Northern and Southern Dynasties, frequent wars and turbulence, and bureaucratic elite, or indulge in pleasures, or the pursuit of immortality of the operation, its influence has infiltrated the lives of all sectors of society, such as swords into a mysterious ritual implements, and even on behalf of the Wooden Sword sword, with preposterous heresy to replace the martial arts, martial arts led to a standstill.

Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties period, with the feudal socio-economic development and prosperity of the re-emergence of martial arts, Tang Ju-wu system was introduced and used test methods were granted to the corresponding title of outstanding martial arts, such as "Meng Yin Shi", "agile scholar" , "technology with disabilities", "illness and feet with disabilities", the title has specific criteria for each. Such as "Meng Yin Shi" to "has cited five stone arch, Yanuki 5 bar, Ge Mao Jian Ji easy to use ... ..." ( "Wubei Taibai Yin Chi ‧ ‧ elected by the 16th chapter with disabilities"). This passed the examination system for selecting personnel, and promoting social activities on the martial arts.

With the Buji war developments in the battlefield, Ge, Ji gradually eliminated over the sword as a military technology has been replaced by a knife, but as a routine exercise is still evolving.

Song emergence of private martial arts organization, found documented a "championship Society" (She Nu), "the British slightly Society" (to stick), "corner arrive Society" (sumo), etc.. The crude associations, "to buy their own guns without edge wearing of head scarves, bamboo marked row, wooden bow knives, martial arts techniques such as Artemisia vector" ( "History of the Song" volume 191). In the city, according to "Dong Ting-sheng 12 kinds of capital in mind," set out in the street playing games Yanwu, very lively. Angular arrived in martial arts performances, so that boxing, kicks, so that stick, get stick, dance swords and guns, sword, and hit bombs, Shenu and so on, right to practice is called "playing the cap", the "guns of the card," "Sword of card ", etc. At this time, rapid development of collective projects, for example," Tokyo Menghualu "Volume 7 contains:" The two appearances of the dance, such as the gill-like attack where 57 pairs of ... ... appearance, or gun for a license , sword of the card and the like. "confrontational and offensive and defensive techniques, but because of the Song Dynasty Neo-Confucians advocated" main static "effect, have gradually moved toward decline.

Yuan Dynasty rulers right people, "... ... above the allowed 20 mob hunting" ( "meta institutions is" Volume 3, hunger relief in the poor), and even private possession of weapons offense. Multi-secret well-known martial arts manner risked his life to teaching.

Ming Dynasty is a period of great development of martial arts, there have been different styles of technical schools, martial arts, instruments have been developed, especially in the martial arts theory, summed up the experience of the past, with representative works include "Ji Xiao new book," " Wu Chapter "," left the remaining cultivation techniques "and so on. These works have documented varying degrees of martial arts, equipment for schools, history, action, name, features, sports theory methods and techniques, some accompanied by Gejue and action diagrams, for the later study provides an important basis for martial arts.

Qing rulers prohibited martial arts, folk by "Society", "Pavilion" in the form of secret societies to teach martial arts, including the famous boxing, such as Tai Chi, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Ji Quan, Pigua boxing, etc. , multi-form in the Qing Dynasty.

In the period, the community there are various forms of boxing community for the dissemination and development of martial arts played an active role.

The People's Republic of China after the establishment of martial arts was to be inherited as an outstanding national heritage, organizing, and improving Wushu Association was established at all levels, the country has specialized agencies responsible for carrying out martial arts movement, the martial arts as an official event. In 1953, held its first national form for sports events a session of the National Competition of the General Assembly, held a number followed by a national martial arts competitions or performances of the General Assembly. In order to promote and increase the popularity of martial arts, the provisions of national organizations compose the game routines to prepare the masses need for martial arts activities and simplification of the primary routines such as Tai Chi Chuan, publishing books and wall charts martial arts, martial arts film and video shooting. To investigate the value of martial arts training, but also organization of physiological measurement and research, and their progressive and scientific. In addition, the Institute of Physical Education, Physical Education Department have been established for the professional martial arts lessons and martial arts classes in schools and also put the contents of teaching martial arts as a physical education, youth amateur sports school also set up martial arts classes, martial arts associations around the establishment of various forms of martial arts counseling stations, including Sino-Wushu Academy North and South Shaolin Temple martial arts enthusiasts to attract a large number of martial arts fitness for curing diseases.

Martial arts martial arts category classification of a regional division, there are to mountains, rivers divided, with the last name, or a division of inside and outside the home, but also divided according to technical features. Modern generally be divided into five categories according to their contents; often persist in martial arts training can effectively enhance the physique. Martial arts in a variety of boxing, leg explosive power and the law require a higher flexibility, especially in a larger scope of activities of various joints, muscles ligaments on both the role of a good exercise, martial arts includes a variety of twisted turn, pitch, retractable, folding shenfa movements, calling for "hand to Yan Dao", "hand-eye hand in hand," "Step portable line, the body to step into the" higher on the coordination requirements; entire exercise is often formed by several dozen moves, and to be completed within a certain time, so the body can be all-round development in various organ systems. Practice gentle, slow, and Brisk in martial arts, such as tai chi, emphasis on meaning and guide action, with even a deep breath, make whole body blood circulation, suitable for those with chronic diseases as a medical means to adhere to exercise, have a more significant effect. Confrontational Sanshou, push hands, martial arts short-soldiers, martial arts competition events such as long-soldiers, sports heated, in addition to be able to enhance the physical things, but also cultivate courage, resourcefulness, agility and other excellent character. Concept】

【Wushu martial arts concept is recognition. The fundamental basis for study of martial arts. In the long historical process, the different periods of the expression of the concept of different martial arts, its connotation and extension, with the development of social history and martial arts own development and the development of change.

From a historical point of view, there are many vested in the name of the martial arts class, the Spring and Autumn, when "the art of attack," military skills class); Han emergence of the "martial arts" in, and the extension to the late Ming: the early Qing Dynasty to borrow again " Selected Works "and" closed-Yan Martial Arts "(at that time generally refers to the military) and" martial arts "in; Republican, said," martial arts ": After the founding of new China, still use the term" martial arts "is used.

Along with the historical changes, the gradual disappearance of cold weapons, private martial arts and boxing equipment for the production routines of the proliferation of armed, confrontational projects, martial arts competition rules, the formulation of sport martial arts has evolved into one of the items. Martial arts to sports-oriented content, form and training methods have undergone great changes, reflecting the notion of essential property of things are changing. Development today, the basic definition of martial arts can be summarized as follows: Wushu is a martial art as the main content in order to exercise routines, and catch the Big Dipper form of internally and externally-oriented traditional Chinese sport.

From this starting to understand the definition of martial arts. First of all, belongs to the traditional Chinese martial art of attack and surgery to. It is based on kicking, playing, throwing, take, hit, gill and other martial art movements as the main content, by hand or by means of the performance of physical activity equipment combat offensive and defensive capabilities. Whether it is confrontational campaign catch the Big Dipper or the potential influence each other routines movement, are based on the quality of traditional Chinese method of the country hit the technical core of chess. On human social life, the art of attack and surgery can not be unique to China. Comparison of patients around the world martial art, martial arts not only in the art of attack and the method is more abundant (such as fast wrestling, grips, etc.). Form in sports, both routine, while others are scattered in hand, and both combined, but also separation, this development model, but also utterly different from the rest of the world art of attack and surgery. In the training methods focus on internally and externally to exercise God-shaped style, calling for both, all reflect the traditional Chinese art of attack and the movement characteristics of patients.

Second, the martial arts is a sport, it is clearly different from the people injured and maimed and practical martial art techniques. Despite the routine movement contains a wealth of art of attack methods, but its purpose is through physical exercise in order to put merchants and offensive and defensive capacity, skill and technique of the contest, in the technical requirements and practical techniques have a certain distinction, Sanshou Movement technology is of course much closer to the South and practical skills, but due to competition rules, also its limitations within the sports competitive sports. In short, boils down to one point, martial arts have a clear physical attributes, sport is a major social philosophy of today's martial arts, Chinese medicine, ethics, military science, aesthetics, qigong and other traditional cultural ideas and cultural concepts, focusing on internally and externally, such as the overall concept of yin and yang change in concept, form of monotheism, gas theory, dynamic and static that the rigid-flexible, said, etc., and gradually formed a unique style of martial arts of national cultural system. It is rich in content, it means deep, not only with the human common features of sports and physical fitness, but also has the characteristic of Eastern civilization philosophical, scientific and artistic, more concentrated expression of the Chinese people in sports in the field of wisdom. It is a reflection of the culture of Oriental splendor. Therefore, understanding the broad sense, martial arts is not only a sport, but also a national sport, the Chinese people's long-term accumulated a valuable cultural heritage.


a martial art. Blending art of attack and the sports being:

martial arts was originally as a military training methods, and is closely linked with the ancient military struggle, the art of attack and is characterized by the obvious. In the practical, its purpose is to kill, injure, the system limits the other, it is often the most effective art of attack methods, forcing the other to lose capacity for resistance. The art of attack and surgery is still in the army, public security was adopted. Martial arts as a sport, is technically still after all the characteristics of offensive and defensive martial art, but will struggle with the art of attack and resides in routine movement among the martial arts fighting movement embodies the characteristics of offensive and defensive fighting in the technical and practical art of attack and is basically the same, but from the sports concept starting, he was constrained rules of the game has not hurt each other in principle. If the powder in the hands of some of the traditional martial arts to find a practical method of attack was limited, and strict rules of the hitting area and the protection of protective clothing used in short-soldiers also made corresponding changes in the apparatus, while the promoter is in the special technical carried out under the provisions of competitive confrontation. Therefore, we can say martial arts, fighting sports have a strong offensive and defensive combative nature, but with the practical art of attack and be differentiated.

Routine movement is Chinese martial arts, a unique form of expression, a number of actions in the technical specifications. Range of motion, etc. with the art of attack and moves to change the prototype, but the action method still retains the characteristics of the art of attack. Even if the link runs through and exercise due skill needs, interspersed with a number of offensive and defensive martial art is not necessarily meaningful action, however, the complete technical terms, the main action is still to play, playing, throwing, take, hit, stab Zhufa for the Lord, is the routine of the technical core. It's offensive and defensive martial art characterized by a move to represent a style, the collection of 100, and its art of attack is extremely rich in the amnesty hand. Soldiers were not short of technical methods used in the routine is still reflected in the movement.

2. Internal and external unity Xingshenjianbei national style:

both study physical specifications, I pray to the spirit of communication. Inside and outside the unity of the whole concept is a major characteristic of Chinese martial arts. The so-called, the mean heart, God, and Italy Xin-Zhi and gas activities, the total running: so-called foreign, that is, hand-eye and other physical activities, body step. Inside and outside, form and spirit are interconnected unified whole. For example 5 is a kind of imitation of birds speak tiger, deer, bears, apes, birds five kinds of wonderful animals, martial arts, its essence is this: "Outer move within the static and dynamic in order to quiet, both static and dynamic, there is just a soft, hard & soft and the economy, and training within the practice, the inside and outside and practice ", the famous scholar Shen Baofeng 5 birds with 20 characters to parade summarized as follows:" Fitness Five-animal parade, tiger Kaguma ape birds, Body and Spirit and have long practiced and never old. "
Martial Arts "internal and external unity Xingshenjianbei" the characteristics of power through martial law and investment law to reflect. "Lian Jing Qishen inside and outside the practice bones skin" is the practice guidelines prepared by home factions, such as the very fist advocates joined together physically and mentally demanding the "heart-line gas, with gas transport the body." Xing Yi Quan stressed that "triple within and outside the triple," Shaolin boxing also requires precision, power, gas, bone, God internally and externally. In addition, Wushu is technically within the Jingqi Shen often required to closely coincide with the external physical movements, complete together, and achieve the "Heart-shaped with the", "shape-off with Italy,"Potential breathe even. "To" hand-eye shenfa-step, spiritual strength Gong "Eight law changes in psychosomatic exercises. This feature reflects the Chinese martial arts as a cultural form in the long history of evolution Beishou ancient Chinese philosophy, medicine, aesthetics and other aspects of the infiltration and influence the formation of a unique ethnic style of the practice methods and exercise forms.

3. a wide range of adaptability:

martial arts, practicing the form, content rich and varied, there are competitive antagonistic Sanshou, push hands, short soldiers, there are a variety of exercises for martial arts, equipment for training, as well as their practice and adapt to a variety of ways. Different boxing moves and equipment have different structures, technical requirements, movement style and physical activity, respectively, to adapt to different people age, gender, physical needs, people can according to their own conditions and interests and hobbies to choose exercises, while its market pool, the equipment requirements are lower, commonly known as "punch wau-land", practitioners can space the size of the

changes in contents and form of exercise, even if the moment there is no reference instrument can also be practiced with bare hands, practice. Generally, by the time a very small seasonal restrictions. than that of many sports projects, and have made a wider range of adaptability, martial arts Under the wide range of civil life time can be bad, and this feature was not unrelated to the use of this feature can provide a convenient modern mass sports activities, so that the further socialization of martial arts
elf Platycephalus indicus snipe2010-02-17 15:38:03 +0000 #3
martial arts of the Chinese nation in the long history of evolution continuous creation, the gradual formation of a sport.

In the primitive society, animal and few people, the natural environment is very bad, in the "natural selection, survival of the fittest," a grim struggle, people naturally produced punched and kicked, saying that grasping slap, jump roll a class of primary offensive and defensive means. and later gradually learned how to manufacture and use of stone or wooden tools as weapons, and produced a number of unarmed fighting and hunting skills in the use of equipment, this is martial arts sprout.

from the existing archaeological discoveries, we can see that in the Paleolithic, there have been a tip-shaped stone, stone balls, stone hand axes, bone processing spear, but by the end of the Neolithic Age, then the emergence of a large number of The stone axes, stone shovels, knives and bone harpoons, arrowheads, and even copper ax, copper ax and so on. The original production tools and weapons, and later became a wushu equipment the majority of the predecessor.

the end of primitive society, tribal war The frequent occurrence, and further promote the development of martial arts. in tribal war, far from using bows and arrows, throwing device, near the use of sticks, machetes, knives, spears, any fighting in the Big Dipper can be used to catch any production tools have become the battle weapons. According to historical records, Yu Miao tribes several times during the three rebels, conquest repeatedly failed to make it surrender. Later, Yu to stop its attacks, so that the soldiers carry out drilling and shield Chi Fu, Miao tribe asked the three people who watch this " 1000 Qi Dance "to show the strong force, the three Miao tribe from subservient. This is a grand primitive self-defense martial arts exercises. ancient" Wu Wu, "Wushu for the subsequent formation of the foundation.
addicted vougeot crazy2010-02-17 15:39:32 +0000 #4
I think the meaning of martial arts is a good offense, the ancients created characters have a fixed meaning of the "Wu" structure of the characters for the Ge, Ge refers to all types of weapons. Next up, this just is omitted toe toes only, it is meant for action carried out. Ge, and only the meaning of those two together in a play, that is, the meaning of an attack with weapons.

martial arts technique is a technique, method, meaning.
-wu, the meaning of words co-operation in the beginning is to use a weapon of attack skills approach.

I have to say that I own, ha, I just entered junior high school day began practicing the short weapons (knives, swords and short rod) that no one taught me to my own practice, and now has nearly 10 years. Although not trained in hard, but I hit the moves and give it moves to take its name. My only focus on this set of moves and does not observe, this is my interpretation of the word martial arts 2. Swordsman written by Jin Yong and the Condor Heroes 2 Department of martial arts novels, I mentioned a Gaoren his name is very rich meaning of provocation - uncontested top dog. but after reading these two novels Wushu Jie feel that he is free to those who, after an unprecedented Wizards, their record of the sword - Dugujiujian even pay attention to Fighter slowly, focusing on one does not observe. For example two master pk, they are both well-matched (including height, weight, exercise capacity and martial arts are a kind of time spent ). A master reaction, but faster than B, Han Wan referee has just begun. A on one foot Chuaidao the B and B pressure of cross-God has not played a boxing Beijia. Next, imagine the outcome. novel is described in focusing on one does not observe the Dugujiujian

Linghu Chong said: "Yes. "Close your eyes, what they have learned this evening of major and quietly kept thought again, suddenly opened his eyes, the Road:" It Shishu, disciple of the absence of out there, why these changes, is full of tricks into the hand, only attack does not abide by? "Feng Qingyang Road:" Dugujiujian, there is no retreat into! Zhao Zhao are offensive, Gong Di's forced to defend, of course, do not abide by their own. Dugujiujian actually pay attention to the basic rate, speed and speed judgments shot. Shot the moment the enemy to detect the enemy's flaws, and then in the case of the enemy was too late Bianzhao speed enemy. Uncontested top dog his life pursued by the poor, in fact, set forth in the realm of Dugujiujian - no stroke and speed.

There is also a martial arts, said the "Wu" is the only meaning of Ge, but also understand that is to - to stop attacks. In fact, I also quite agree with this interpretation, after all, let's rule of law in this society. Electronic eyes are everywhere Oh, you want to take this into account before the attack bar. If I was a slut court disaster is only suppressed, there is harmony Danding ridiculous. Only concerns the steps, those despicable villain, hypocrites, corrupt officials, unscrupulous merchants and real villains in fact eventually retribution, although I am capable to kill gang of villains. After what can be killed, let them live in the world reflects what is good and the bad bar. Today's society big martial arts also use acupuncture can cure cure哈哈.



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