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On the Bruce Lee martial arts This is not too exaggerated it

z2953513822010-02-17 16:10:07 +0000 #1
on the Bruce Lee martial arts This is not too exaggerated it

I remember the time when the U.S. side of the human trials of Bruce Lee's strength, the U.S. effort to find a man holding a brace to the Li dragons kicking a result, a kick to the man opened a flying 15.85 meters, which is the power of Bruce Lee's Kung Fu

do not know is true or false ah

Are there any other examples that come to listen
attackwc2010-02-17 16:23:21 +0000 #2
Bruce Lee have Many places have been exaggerated, he was called home, but were fighting, but should not be treated as God, nor reach the master of the realm, although I often expose "Legend of Bruce Lee," a short, but I am also a fan of Dragon other such things as karate champion ah, the Baidu Wikipedia have in the past been placed, and later Gaidiao, and also that some people mistakenly Xiangyebuxiang say what the blow up like more than 300 kilograms ah, the moment want to play such a more
drunk like crazy2010-02-17 16:32:55 +0000 #3
You're too young. As long as the fifties and sixties of the people know that his kung fu is true.
z3331632010-02-17 17:03:07 +0000 #4
Real Bruce Lee Kung Fu
taiyangqihuo2010-02-17 17:13:14 +0000 #5
kung fu is true, as for getting rid of 15.85 meters say Well, I have heard to say that scored swimming pools, fly so far away ... ... swimming pool Liren afloat do not sink, there is inertia and resistance by the water slowly at the rate of slowing down, so that more people drift a while, maybe you can drift so far away -_-!
Pozhu 0 Liaoluan2010-02-17 17:37:16 +0000 #6
The following is the rumor Jeet Kune Do practitioner Mr. Zhu Jianhua The research, a lot of rumors are rife, and people have and the initial access to the last great unrecognizable.

"Blinders: the myth of Bruce Lee Jin kicked people with the tricky question of the origin of the dispute"

Author: Zhu Jianhua

internally some of the "little dragons legend" is indeed ironic that, in particular, is based on books or experts in the way of the mouth appear , its mass effect is 100% false! To a very few irresponsible population, are more completely different effect, namely the so-called "myth" effect!

However, if someone has these misinformation things, as a criticism of Bruce Lee and the Dragon fans "real basis" for identification of lightly the myth of Bruce Lee, but was much better than the characters, then the President, and those very few Little Dragons "myth are" between, it does not make any difference.


A basic fact is: Prior to this, in China Dragon fans mouth, or some legends of the mainland by the article on the Chinese version of dragons kicked opponents, mainly from the following two basic ways:

1, Hong Kong, seven of the last century, eighties "Kung Fu" magazine translation.

2, Zhu Chunting "Kung Fu actor" in the relevant circumstances.

The two Chinese versions, are on the mainland had a profound impact on dragon fans.

Another basic fact is: all about the fact that opponents of Bruce Lee kicked the source, or that this "legend" of the source, only one, that can be traced back to an object - the United States Bruce Lee biographer Tom Bleeker ( Bruce Lee Jin-kick that had tasted the gentleman), while the source is his last century, the seventies and eighties biography written by Bruce Lee in English, "fighting spirit", or "Black Belt" magazine interview with his article, involved in relevant content.

In other words, regardless of the Hong Kong version, or Chunting version, in fact, all come from Mr. Tom Bleeker terrible Jin Lee for trying to kick-off after the person recalled. Of course, in these two Chinese versions, do not rule out the translated version of the Zhuchun Ting of Hong Kong "kung-fu actor" in the relevant circumstances and the impact of writing - also a basic fact is: Many people on the legend of Bruce Lee, in fact, most are is a switch to second-hand legend of Hong Kong.

Here, we will be playing dragons "flying" opponents of the English original and the translated version of Hong Kong, and do an original comparison, take a look at the subtle between the legend and the real error is how to generate a ... ...

1, the first honor to Hong Kong spread basic content translation reproduced below, its subtitle is: "amazing leg muscle strength":

"Bruce Lee Jin-inch punch is so powerful, his leg muscle strength is really amazing. One day in 1968, one of Bruce Lee students, American writer Tom • Peel, arranged for Lee and set the producers and film director in a meeting of the Becker • Edwards, and hope that their teacher on the front of the Edwards reveal a few hands. because that he had also practiced karate and taekwondo, in the martial arts have a certain attainments. In order not amicable, Pierre punched and kicked the proposal without direct confrontation, while the use of the large pin on the target to test the strength of who is big.

a test of the beginning, Li dragons holding the target station is good, Edwards vowed to make the power of his life toward the target foot kick to the Bruce Lee also involuntarily retired two meters. Bruce said smiling: "Yes! "And then handed over to the foot target Edwards.

See, however, Aihua Wen Bu Shi Zha, took a deep breath, in the most appropriate prepared to deal with Bruce Lee's legs hit. Just at that time fast, Bruce Lee two-step run-up will lift knee to the Edwards holding the feet of the target to play go, "bang" is heard, Edwards felt like a brick crashed through the glass in general, originally from the feet to the back, In the feet touch the ground may still have to push him to continue his Yi Gu momentum back, can not be made. is so dropping away to backwards, finally Caiting down. Edwards lying on the ground, he felt a dazzling, starry what to do.

What Bruce Lee kick to the weight of 180 lbs (82 kg) of Edwards kicked out how far? The answer is 75 feet (22.875 meters) or so. a lot of people felt that doubt, because 75 feet is quite a long distance, credible? Tang • Peel the authority of martial arts magazine in the United States, "Black Belt" and is indeed written in black and white figure. Why is calculated so clear? the original Bruce Lee kick in the swimming pool next to the kick, but Edwards is exactly the location of standing take-off platform next to the swimming pool, when he fell just half of the location of the pool. This has become a swimming pool can be measured from the standard ruler of the. ex post facto , producer and director Edwards also invested studied under Bruce Lee, switched to Jeet Kune Do. Previously, he has also seen a set of Bruce Lee's films, but also to see him kicker flying kicks, opponents hand kicked 10 m away. At first, he thought it intentionally after the actor fell so far, coupled with special effects shooting methods to make the audience believe that this is the "myth" in the Hercules. after this incident, Edwards began to realize that Bruce Lee there are such real martial arts, he also said that if the right opportunities, will certainly please lead role of Bruce Lee. "

2, let us look at the English original: (Note: This English version provided by the unknown User tigerwing brother and translation He also indicated the source and background: "This data is Tom Bleecker on the part of Bruce Lee's biography. He is a close friend of Bruce Lee, and his biography on Bruce Lee, is extremely popular in the West. At the same time that he was being Li dragons kicked the person)

"At the time I was a black belt in my martial art (kenpo). He was the only man who ever walked up to me, stood in front of me and said" try to hit me ". At that time I was six foot tall and 180 pounds and he was not a big man.

I couldn''t believe he said that. There wzs nothing to it. He just stood there and said to hit him. Every martial artist I had met prior to that would alwasys try to set something up with a certain technique, but not Bruce, He just stood there and told me to hit him.

I couldn''t touch him. He hit harder, pound -for-pound, than any man I have ever known.

He once kicked me the length of a swimming pool. It was in 1969 ...... and I held an air bag for Bruce and he kicked me with a side kick the length of the swimming pool. It was like being kicked by a horse. "

this English translation can be done as follows:

" In that time, I am already a Kenbo karate black belt. He (Lee) is the only one who can come to me, a straight right I say "attacking me" person. I have a 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, Bruce Lee's body, compared with my small lot. I was even more surprised that, usually martial artists were in the contest must be pre-determined before the Qiecuo better rules, but Bruce Lee did not. He just let me stand there, let me beat him. "

" I do according to his words, but I did not touch him on. He shot a heavy that I have ever seen the heaviest.

He was kicked out of one of my swimming pool so far. That was in 1969 ... ... (the author Note: The information provided here in English were omitted in part. Omitted, which seems to be accountable to the incident location, it is clear that occurred in the Blake Edwards directed the family thing, and stressed that Edward can be to testify for him)

I helped him holding an air bag, remember that he made a side-kick, let me back in there is a swimming pool so far away. Felt like I was being kicked like a horse. "

Of these two versions, the Chinese version of the soup • Peel and Becker • Edwards's name, are Hong Kong-style translation, the two men in fact the English version of those two parties involved in The foreigner: Tom Mbuji-Malik (Tom Bleeker) and Blake Edwards.

sum up the above, we can see from the English original, translated version in Hong Kong, to Zhu Chunting novel technique of writing, swimming pool next to the playing of Bruce Lee "flying" the details of opponent subtle changes have taken place:

1, the time Uehara version is: 1969, Hong Kong translation is: 1968.

2, the original version of the play is Tom Mbuji-Malik (Tom Bleeker), Hong Kong has been kicked into one of the translation Directed by Blake Edwards.

3, the original version, and Hong Kong who did not translation was kicked into the water, while the Chunting version of the novel technique of writing is amazing, "Piel feel the sky, after North Korea flew backwards, the falling water Thunk" - This may be it is precisely on target holders were Bruce Lee, "kicked vacated" misinformation start. (Note: Lee will not be unconvinced of the foreigners under the stand-in actor playing pool true, but certainly not Tom Mbuji-Malik , and Xu Chunting version will have taken place in two different things together to write a comprehensive strike)

4, the distance between those who have been kicked out, the original version is "There is a swimming pool so far distance," Hong Kong is 75 translations feet (equivalent to 22.875 meters) or so (its source may be a "Black Belt"-related interviews), and "kung fu actor" in writing is 20 meters. On-line, I even see a User cite this card is kicked out of the full a 25-meter!

This is the one thing in the "legend" process was a gradual distortion of the invisible forces of the effects tongue!

By comparison, the parties then statements, and present some of the legends, although coincide -- - Jibei kick those who are 180 pounds (equivalent to 82 kg), but the differences are more obvious --- who have been kicked out of the target person is not vacated kicked in the kick distance is very different.

, however, How the truth, and now seems to have is not important, because the current debate on the network for its already evolved into the so-called fans and dragon black dragon in a network of bickering between the carnival, evolved into a network of public opinion on the stroke of violence, in order that you have a tip of the awn to me, curse scene were enjoying themselves.

If you say that some fans of extreme dragon myth of Bruce Lee, then and now a bunch of so-called Long Black in extreme denial of Bruce Lee -- their basic logic is: because some of the myths or exaggerated claims of Bruce Lee, then all that is to say Bruce Lee's strength was myth or exaggerated, and Bruce Lee, there is no boast the original strength, and even martial arts branch is not considered on the martial arts performers.

Thus, in the so-called myth of Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, and those who wishing to pull down the altar of the so-called "revolutionary heroes" between the generation of martial master Bruce Lee was thrown into embarrassing public opinion The cusp - a very funny people has become all of these extreme extreme errors ultimate responsibility.

We do not hesitate to question the party "has a swimming pool so far in the distance," the existence of over-exaggerated, or even exaggerated, but the , even though this fact has been exaggerated, we can not categorically denied by Bruce Lee, thus strength, thus categorically identified on the strength of his testimony are all the myths or exaggerated - in fact, if a person is not superior strength,Who is willing to go to Myth him? Especially now that so many famous contemporary masters to the myth of him? !

In fact, if only comprehensive look at other appropriate circumstantial evidence, can prove a basic fact: Bruce Lee, then did enough to show disdain for warlords who used to have kicking power - that year, many people have been kicked Bruce Lee, including some martial arts master and Long-Di Zhen-hui, a fact that not only is the testimony, there are many vivid images of evidence: At the time, Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon" movie, in the Hollywood TV series "Longstreet", in Hong Kong have been displayed on television had walked quickly to his side-kick "flying" people of the stunt, which can all be a true representation, and so that all parties are convinced of the year.

In addition, if we look at the problem from another angle, then the others exaggerated and exaggerated, and Bruce Lee, I have ware? ! Speak ill of others, but also really be able to increase or decrease in Bruce Lee's former strength and glory do? Therefore, instead of pointless debate whether the year will be Bruce Lee, who kicked 20 meters, not as practical to study how the success of Bruce Lee, and how to practice Jeet Kune Do a pragmatic manner and the scientific training methods and theories, so that we if we are really realistic gains.

Let the legends attributed to legend, let the facts attributed to the fact that strike.

Finally, I sincerely hope that those who have access to the domestic first-hand information of the translator, to be more cautious, not sure best place to attach their own text in order to avoid transmission errors and the resulting false!

And of course, want the dragon enthusiasts in relaying something, they can be accompanied by provenance but not seek temporary tongue so fast, just lip service, chaos to digital! And we see a similar Dongdong, we must be self-judgment, should not parrot!

So, the myth could be avoided, in order to show the real!



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