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2009 Sino-Thai match, said it views

Door Hing Regeneration2010-02-17 16:10:40 +0000 #1
everyone 2009.12.19 What do you think of this game. I had just witnessed live. Listen to you even want to say

Mody, preferably in the insurance sector is said. Do the fans on. Do understand what I mean. I said, fans of that

likes to answer those who in the end is Jet Li's formidable or Liu Hailong powerful people, out of the problems, the I

do not say anything, and those fans directed at one of them went to answer this question. Are vomiting. .

Well OK let us begin with the family
huanan092010-02-17 16:21:42 +0000 #2
Hehe In fact, China accounted for a rules advantage, not to mention the knee plate elbow points for the Chinese connection, I think it is a comparative advantage. Another one, China accounted for or advantage of rules is wrestling scores, while Muay Thai is not good at wrestling. This is just my personal view, not to say that the game is unfair, do not misunderstand!
Fengjixuchui later2010-02-17 16:29:52 +0000 #3
we look at live!

However, I have been looking at the text live!

China is Dexterous doing well, that is, to live each other's wrestling restrained attack

Zhou Xi also said before the game, and such a rule are somewhat Chinese.

Many of them are good at Chinese players scoring skill moves. The play is still limited Muay Thai @

I think is all these.
moneyin2010-02-17 16:40:20 +0000 #4
fifth third field and I think it is sub-level, neither advantage, but the mind-point method in accordance with Sanda, plus home post, won also normal, it is important what Sanda from the exchange of secondary school. Home post by the rules and won, in addition to KO those games, almost every field has such a feeling, as long as playing the semi-round KO Boxing players were, and still win this time, not elegantly.

Liu layers is the smallest known, but I think he is five players to use the best technology, Sanda who are disadvantaged in all aspects of the case of mind to remain calm, with experience and technology use and opponents have equal shares very rare.

China's ability to fight a marked improvement, but the physical remains the old trouble, here I must mention the second Thai magician BIG BEN, a person must be fully experienced technology to say the least proud of the wrestling actually hand experts to fell and Hsiao - I could not find the North - in any case where an excellent wrestling opponent, Sanda barely won - of course, wrestling is the essence of Sanda. Who apparently studied Sanda wrestling, but he was not used in Chinese-style wrestling, but a little street fighting, and the meaning of Greco-Roman wrestling, Dong and his is not a class, but because of his great wrestling show, missed the KO opportunity for the last one bureau or physically incompetent, so that the only non-Luoxia Feng Dong picked up a bureau. Visibility is not an absolute physical problems Sanda athletes, but superstition that the door-consuming physical techniques, can not assign a good manual (not everyone is like Liu Hailong Kang Lee, as it used to throw vivid). The first Thai people do not have any counter-attack on the wrestling ability, so long as play the games, the point must be the absolute disadvantage.

The last battle the parties to demonstrate a high level, although the two were not in peak condition, I think the blue is slightly higher on the front, and even by Sanda point system, it should also be a draw. If you replace the current ZHANG Qing-jun, Gao Lan may be KO (but Zhang Qingjun like 85 kilograms of) the most exciting game, but open printed right Sang Lan-kun, this is a must KO the other side of the game, I think Sang, Thailand 5 the strongest players, although his play is based on the main elbow. This person combat experience, strength speed rhythm, boxing Tuixi elbow used are good, there is a certain drop resistance capability, according to Muay Thai rules, the absolute king-class players, if the open style of play and India choose the top three is likely to decline in physical fitness When is KO, but his very good defensive knee and elbow hit, although the disadvantages of boxing has come to remember a flash in the pan, it backhand punch too beautiful for words, and directly to the opponent Zayun of. In addition to the old side, these players are young Sanda, Dong Wenfei, the potential of open and India are good, I hope they can go out and make sense of these exchanges.



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