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Chen Taijiquan

phiamthebest2010-02-17 16:11:30 +0000 #1
This year 20 wanted to find a video on the Internet to learn about, there is no basis for tai chi,, please give me a tutorial, in or, CDs, books can be.

I have heard, not just to practice tai chi outside the In the, but also to repair the internal - I want to know how the matter
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-02-17 16:17:31 +0000 #2
Tai Chi is the Chinese traditional philosophy on the 'air' Meridian, wait until the perfect combination of ideology and martial arts sport,

gas in the history of Chinese philosophy is a very important area, in the traditional Chinese philosophy. Gas is usually refers to a very fine substance, which constitute the world of all things primitive, "Nei Jing" inherited and developed the doctrine of the pre-Qin qi monism, and its application to medicine, the gradually formed theories of Chinese medicine gas . This is also a source of Qigong martial arts, so this is a very complex topic; not the article a few times to make it clear, specific, you see this video:

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Bird Man arrested chicken2010-02-17 16:32:39 +0000 #3
Hehe now in this era, not many people like the traditional martial arts that I support you and I are practicing Yiquan's
a good runaway bunny2010-02-17 16:40:50 +0000 #4
a lot of people think that Tai Chi is a slow 24-style.

I believe you want to learn the Tai Chi fighting could want to learn, to know these traditional people have slowly reduced.

Tai Chi decade not to go out. First of all Tai Chi exercises can not find an Internet tutorial, you have to find a good local teacher, and generally somewhat competent teachers is not easy to income. Study up bitter, the process is very long, but it is worth learning.

Is not external to internal. Means that, even if you Zhuang 190 I 160 I thin you again, but I am confused as you have disgraced the. More is not Gaiden. . . Hee hee. . .
attackwc2010-02-17 17:26:52 +0000 #5
Tai Chi you want to learn well, and look for a shop, should be explained that, even if there are instructors, not necessarily be able to train well

If you do not have a strong martial arts skills, then do not self-tai-chi, or do not that internal, even the external training is also good, of course, if you exercise on the body does not matter casually on youku, potatoes, and 56 trained search video lines, and power as a gymnastics



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