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adolf472010-02-17 17:10:03 +0000 #1
What men practicing martial arts routine self-defense is good, want is a practical example, such as martial art of attack and surgery, are not required to give how much harm, but be sure to bring people down to the ground, mainly in order to self-defense if there is The answer would be a good additional points
Slev2010-02-17 17:11:44 +0000 #2
upstairs to say good, but I be here to take points is bound to write better.

In fact, according to your idea, consider a very real practice karate or Muay Thai, Sanda and his ilk

There is more in line with technology, you "are not required to give how much damage"

That is the lower, the lower is called Karate, Muay Thai called low-sweep, Sanda called low-whip legs

thinking basically the same methods are different from Tuiti, but they are neck with your legs kicking each other around the middle of the thigh (for this pain point is not everyone's just about the same position to determine on the right)

playing there is no trauma, but their entire legs are sore hemp, fell to the ground, the disabled, there are overawed other purposes, typically used to kick down but also go to the police recorded a statement that the situation Next, the hospital is definitely not check out.

Practiced 1-2 years of people, kicked the words of ordinary people in general can KO the other side the next 1-2.

There is a uppercut to fight Tan Point, medicine should be called the nerve from the sun, locations in the lower segment of the middle rib is probably the top of the stomach, you can go to Baidu check the figure below.

Was shot in the chest, then will be unable to resist, fell to the ground, no side effects, the general will be restored within a week, hospitals can not find injuries.

The most simple and easy to get started is to boxing, followed by the fight against the Department, such as I have said, karate, Muay Thai, Sanshou, the most difficult to get started is to judo, wrestling, wrestling-like system and need to be practicing a very long time before they grasp.

PS: throw line more difficult to control than hitting the power line, killing blow is very difficult, throwing his head forward to look to fall to their deaths can be easily a lot. .

Right downstairs, that makes me view is prevalent in the world first went to learn from these fighting technique, further consideration as a traditional martial arts school, it is you will find that "master" said, very complicated thing, but all fighting technique the most the basis of what, in fact, these are cases in which the method return, but by many traditional boxer myth out.

Good teachers, but ordinary people can not distinguish easily deceived detours. Traditional martial arts is to engage in personal love myth.

From the defensive perspective, the martial arts is the least efficient, family practice within the so-called boxing is no more efficient, more of a hobby, what would you like to practice what is practiced, without the strongest martial arts, only the strongest people.

In fact, you have too much trouble, with a rejection stick with one electric batons, the most efficient.
wb515552010-02-17 17:17:03 +0000 #3
very right! Is judo, there are people practicing wrestling

fat 1:00 is the "sumo" ... ...

wrestling, judo techniques

These are some completely meet your requirements!

But one thing you need to know:

that the judo, wrestling is only for 1 on 1, and singled you are invincible, but if the other party is

2 or 2 or more, then you Buxing Le

For many people the words you'll need to learn Sanda like that.

There are boxing, is also effective against more than

the same time, I tell you one, psychology is very, very important!

Playing time, to stay calm

analyze each other's situation, to find each other's mistakes, flaws, beat!

To the sub-bar ... ...
A ancient ballad A2010-02-17 17:53:43 +0000 #4
Genki bomb! ! ! !
Zhejiang Black Lion2010-02-17 18:06:45 +0000 #5
you say is the kind of aikido, but unfortunately, aikido hand, do not hurt, but the practice is taking a long time, it is recommended you still fighting the class to learn, what need can ask I
Saibei Condor2010-02-17 19:37:30 +0000 #6
I think you had better learn Sanshou it, to learn practical, high value ... in the art of attack and the harm to each other, there you have to control! ! ! He is a good branch of Chinese martial arts! !



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