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Herd catch on

309.59562 million2010-02-17 18:10:59 +0000 #1
"before the hand-written, after carrying young, shoulders sinking by Twister. Slowly, if Lang when (disease Lang) Long lift bladder, quick moonlight drive than the Herd."

I want to ask the next Herd drive This is the fist of the Lianfa month. I practiced Long hanging bladder, and Herd rush this month to also learn boxing but did not feel, do not know how's going on, please give points, pay attention to matters, details,,,, or else give a link is also OK, Thank you!
die-off 0072010-02-17 18:25:11 +0000 #2
My first time with two weeks to do the entire movement look like, and then accelerate the recurrence strength. Oh, hair force, where the force ah, there are also unable to pronounce a little fresh, the practicing bar. This is the fist that there will be exercises to lose lower limbs as the chicken-step essentials of the present, it is important to note, first one a practicing correctly, and not to one up on a continuous fast do you really want to "catch up on Zhuifeng" This level is not enough. Shoulders do not affect the hair wrapped edge, shoulders should be like a compressed spring can be instantly broke out. There are uncoordinated hands and feet, are not synchronized, to hand to foot, the overall forward, as well as hair easier to force his hands away from the track next instant rejection, we should stick to the body midline sent out, and Hu Zhu. What a tortured person's movements, practice, though it is so cool, when one arm stiff and unyielding tenacity when playing, that's how excited, nothing is a few rejection, feel that the same flexibility as the whip, of course, and now that is, only a small whip, is continuing.
z6512128382010-02-17 18:30:53 +0000 #3
siemens you this is that the boxing ah, I never learned the boxing - Who taught you ask your master, practice makes perfect.



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