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Xi-Kun, a qigong author of the book, to help me look for his introduction, is still alive?

Ink Yan2010-02-17 19:10:24 +0000 #1
Help me look for his introduction, is still alive?
wenjin7572010-02-17 19:21:19 +0000 #2
not found in recent years, this is the book on 89 years of data:

Dan Road, to teach people health Gong Xi plastic old man, aged 81

years of age; young, at Peking University study history, then, there was a apprentice

Science Road; more than 50 years of age, and from old Mr. Zhu Xin Zhai

Dan regimen within the study Taoism Gong, Chuan kung fu master nedan true; Gan years, the hermit

tube out, Chen hard practice, is also studying a variety of Dan through the heart of Hong Kong, refining

out the essence of mining in which a delicate and difficult to understand the mysterious Gong Li Gong; is

universal, thus, conclude that this power law with a three-step regimen

Dan Road Gong. In recent years, Mr. Li Lao flu in a country's prosperity, and Government attaches importance to scientific research on air

power and therefore not avoid the taboo, at being misunderstood, would like to express the

true power future generations; and the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing and other places open to teach this

Gong . In order to enable the masses to good health, longevity, Mr. Li Lao

specially commissioned "Dan Tao Gong health research group" organization prepared well by the Ministry of Water Resources Electric Power Science and Technology Information Institute

Koon, Senior Engineer, Comrade authored compilation

into a book. This book is characterized by: a modern clear and comprehensible language, exposing

Dan France showing the level of practice, methods and results; it is rare in recent years a

a good book. Who want to practice within a month of income, especially elderly income, which is compatible with a

learn to understand this practical book.



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