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Shaolin Temple and Thai boxing champion who won the competition

2 8 52010-02-17 20:10:04 +0000 #1
the last race which was true, how can just listen to games, have not heard the results of Well
75784142010-02-17 20:13:43 +0000 #2
right, the Shaolin Temple is not against. Some of China's master in battle, including Shaolin lay disciples. Results of the competition with a 4:1, China defeated Thailand!
nicegirlnana2010-02-17 20:53:01 +0000 #3
Shaolin Temple, no, and Muay Thai fighting is a Chinese Kung Fu and Muay Thai fight team. All speculation Bar

4-1 sweep Chinese martial arts professional Muay Thai Muay Thai side Shigetomi beat King at 23:13 on December 19, 2009 sports network 【Big Middle Small】 【Print】 Total Comments 0

Beijing December 19 the evening, Chinese Kung Fu VS Muay Thai professional match for hegemony in Foshan Lingnan Pearl Stadium war, the ultimate Kung Fu Muay Thai 4-1 victory made the final victory.

To increase the game viewing and continuity while maintaining both their own characteristics boxing, this competition was unprecedented changes to the rules and try. The tournament five Board system, playing all five Board decided that the outcome of every game I played in 3 minutes. The Chinese side can use the wrestling, the Thai side you can use elbow and knee attacks, hitting parts of the body effectively get a sub, while in the previous game, the Thai side of the elbow, knee scores did not attack. In order to play more suspense, each bureau announced the end of the spot does not score, but only after the bright points race.

Thai hegemony in five games, followed by race: 60KG Feitai Ke (Thailand) VS Xu Fu (China), 65KG homes by Peng (Thailand) VS Dongwen Fei (China), 70KG satisfied, such as Peng (Thailand) VS Liu layer layer (China), 75KG Blue Sang Kun (Thailand) VS open and India (China), 80KG examination Clay (Thailand) VS Edge-mao Fu (China).

No. 1 market 60KG Xu Fu (China) 30-21 win Feitai Ke (Thailand)

At the start Fei Taike on boxing with fierce tactics gained the upper hand, a flat note fierce uppercut hit Xu Fu the head, Xu Fu fell. However, Xu Fu to make timely adjustments to unparalleled wrestling for Thai people a loss, Xu Fu-continuous use crotch wrestling success, Thai people, "footwall" constantly under attack suffered enough, the second game even Feitai Ke Shuaichu of the ring. Despite the last paragraph of the third set, players have the opportunity to sneak in Thailand fell Xu Fu, but has since Xu Fu-complete control of the situation, successive Thai vacated the lift, bitter Shuaixiang the floor. After five rounds of fighting, the two sides failed to KO opponents, eventually Xu Fu with a distinct advantage on the wrestling and eventually win 30-21 on points, the Chinese Kung Fu Muay Thai 1-0 lead.

The first two games 65KG Dongwen Fei (China) 29-33 loss to homes affected by Peng (Thailand)

The first game I Dong Wenfei some slow heat, defense did not place, homes under the ruthless hands several times by Peng, almost staged KO However, Dong Wenfei have saved the day time dodge. Dong Wenfei extremely weak competition the second game two consecutive opponents fall, homes by Punta knee attack fast, allowing Dong Wenfei very difficult to prevent. The third set match Dong Wenfei pointing at the coach, to strengthen the throwing law, but subject to the "ghost see the knee" knee deterrence, Dong Wenfei difficult to close fall opponent, but rather finished fourth opponents fall. The fourth game Dong Wenfei burning his boats with a nice leg sweep recorded scores, but since homes by Punta wrestling in the knee on both law and take advantage of, once again tipped Dong Wenfei. The fifth consecutive game Dong Wenfei legs hit his opponent hit back in the opponent's head, but the lack of killer KO opponents, ultimately failed to restore the Dong Wenfei points disadvantage. After five rounds of fighting, the final judging are: No. 1 referee :9-11, 2 referees :10-10, No. 3 referees :10-12, Dong Wenfei 29-33 loss to rivals.

The first three layers of market 70KG Liu (China) bt Namibia 36-29, such as Peng (Thailand)

1st Board flexibility to match the pace of Na Liu layers, such as Punta fell on the ground and then a turn around the post-kick again hit opponents. Liu layers of the second set moving steadily, the implementation of defensive counter-attack tactics, and suddenly looking for fighters to sodium, such as Peng fell to the ground, Thai boxing champion embarrassing lie down in the ring. Liu layers of the third set to play a very clever game, not a direct head-on with the rival PK, but a continuous attack on the opponent fell to the ground. Thai Boxing was once the fourth game turns attacking with the left knee waist positions at various levels to suppress Liu, but Liu once again very beautiful layers, such as the Na Peng fell to the ground. Liu layers of the fifth race is still to avoid a big tall horse opponent recklessly, rational use of rules of defensive back, played the last moment slightly conservative, to ensure that a huge points advantage, the final layers of 36-29 victory over rival Liu, China Kung Fu Muay Thai 2-1 lead.

No. 4 market open India (China) KO Lan Sang Kun (Thailand)

The first game I did not enter open-Indian state, blue-Sang-kun to take advantage of vicious elbow attack hit his head open and India, followed by blue-Sang Kun Vietnam Yue-yong also fell in open print. The second game after game with open-Indian sense of shame-yong, an opponent will fall onto the ground, combative unprecedented fierce competition. The third set competitions, open Indian pace attack suddenly speed up play, "offensive combinations", a punch hit the blue Sangkun face, then kicked in his opponents chest, one foot, and finally heavy blows directly to KO opponents suffered heavy losses in Thailand players can not maintain Pabuqilai future battles, and Chinese Kung Fu Muay Thai 3-1 lead early to seal the victory. Thailand coach very unhappy, accusing the open India beat Thailand's head, a brief spot the differences game.

No. 5 on the sidelines Mao Fu (China) 56-46 Examination Clay (Thailand)

1st Board games, rumors had to write "in blood" frequently played out of the side Shigetomi leg attack, a few crisp whip legs, but the Edge Shigetomi slightly underestimate the enemy, did not be able to hit the opponent's vital parts, the two sides form a stalemate, holding each other when the test Klein continues to use the elbow punching edge Shigetomi, seemed very friendly. Edge Shigetomi fast combination punches to shake opponent almost lose their focus. The two sides deadlocked over the second set match, while Shigetomi Although Zhiquan very threat, but still can not find KO opportunity to test carefully the conduct of defensive Clay, both sides played a more cautious, expert exchange blows not stay flaw! Side of the third set match Shigetomi some worry, two kick air targets, while Klein is also a one-man air test to lose balance while Shigetomi opponents seized the opportunity to suppress the fence, tired of the Thai people cling to edges Shigetomi smart to win breathing space. The Bureau of coming to an end when the side lost their focus Shigetomi fall, to test gas Kelai Shi Da-Zhen. Mao-Fu to edge the fourth game legs and threw technology application errors, missed a golden opportunity to fell opponents. Since then with the next leg side Shigetomi finally wrestling opponent fell, but soon test Klein things hot, and turn while Shigetomi fall. By virtue of the final edge Shigetomi points to win 56-46, the Chinese martial arts opponents 4-1 win.
itiswrong2010-02-17 20:18:34 +0000 #4
Shaolin Temple, not against, it seems that the national team against Sanda, the result is ... ... ... of course, won a total of five games ,4-1 win over Thailand, the group of Du-Zi
Ding Dong Mao Huan wo2010-02-17 20:34:55 +0000 #5
scenes do not look good, but China really won, four games to win points, a knockout win.

Knockout victory lay open and India are the disciples of Shaolin, Shaolin is not sent to war



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