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The U.S. black market in several Chinese martial arts boxing heard quite powerful, and that it Muay

pengdawu2010-02-17 20:10:24 +0000 #1

breeze in the sand2010-02-17 20:25:02 +0000 #2
Chinese martial arts since ancient times, profound. Muay Thai or small, whether karate in Japan are based on Chinese martial arts-based.

Muay Thai are fighting a relatively ruthless, pay attention to a move enemy, if it is competitive, then the competition is still weak compared to Sanda. Some time ago to challenge the five Thai Boxing Shaolin Kung Fu not to end in failure (5 vs. 4) where the high status of Thailand's most famous Muay Thai Wang Shaolin lay disciples did not let the printed KO open a. Is very exciting, it is recommended to look. In 2000, Guangzhou, Foshan, China, Japan 5 games for small Sanda all win. (Great for showing his face, ah).

2005 years ago, five sessions of the United States or Europe fighting champion are Chinese. (More depressed, or the lack of freedom in China)

on the actual terms of Muay Thai is still relatively powerful, Sanda on the weak, (now Sanda too focused on athletics before) in the Jeet Kune Do Kickboxing is still very powerful, and integration of more . Have the time, or to the site to watch free fighting, your feelings will be deep. Today, there are many free fighting integration, such as China Sanda, Chinese wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling and other techniques are very useful also very cruel.

Guangzhou, the black boxing a lot. Second, to correct name for what you are now called the most commercial games are a legitimate, then, there are external Zuozhuang banker, but the scene feels very exciting for the protection of poor boxer vulnerable to injuries, and now many professional teams are playing in Guangzhou Sanda Guo black boxing.
The West Xi Jing2010-02-17 20:39:27 +0000 #3
You say the U.S. black market in boxing, this is our so-called martial arts of China to the definition of the authority. People are very fair international rules of competition, it is absolutely a man's movement, the martial spirit of the true martial arts movements. At present, China has not yet been recognized as a leading player to win more of those martial arts Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu in Mixed martial arts athletes.
Silver kids2010-02-17 21:19:24 +0000 #4
black boxing is how to excel at the

to be a black boxer is not easy, not like the black can be black, entered this circle, you are not black no good.

Rule limits the fighting concepts and technologies in order to "point interests" and therefore "businessmen fighting." Black boxer on the ring for the sole purpose of anti-adversary, let rivals lose the ability to resist rather than to win "territory or economic interests" - points. So the black boxer fighting concepts and technologies are "samurai fighting."

The ultimate potential "" "
black boxer emphasizes the strength and re-strike, stressing that" one hit kill "and stressed that the hardness of limbs.

In order to temper the strength, the need for no less than a day weightlifters Squat (typically 1/6--1/2 range of squat, many domestic players still going on behind Sanda full squat exercises), deep squat weight, high-level players generally require more than 400KG.

In order to hone their physical hardness and anti-strike capability so that it can survive in the ring every day for the fight against high-intensity training, flesh have suffered far beyond everyone.

In order to improve the physical, black boxer every day, the need for aerobic training, distance run, varied pace, stair climbing, rope skipping, require the maintenance of at least 15 minutes or more consecutive physical fighting, which is fighting class players in general is unthinkable. Black boxing match time is normally very short, but physical training is still very much valued, because black boxer fighting the frequency is very high, sometimes a night to play several games require continuous, rather than as ordinary players a few days or months of fighting to play A.

Black boxer training time per day in general less than three hours, master and even training 78 hours a day, and even those who apart from extreme sleep, eat all the training, over the years like a day of hard training and the result is astonishing, The potential of the human body by these boxers to an extreme.

Extraordinary training intensity "" "
In fact, this mode of training black boxer is not uncommon, many of the traditional categories are fighting this training. For example, Japan Karate "very true will", founder of the mountain fold then a man went to the mountains, practice hard, hit hard and rough day, punched and kicked the rock for more than an hour, often running in the snow load a few kilometers. Later, he tours the world promoting karate, holding hammer and hit the audience rather than the palm of his injuries, he can beat up Xiaoduan glass Coke bottle and the bottle is not broken bottle. Another example is training in Muay Thai hand-limb rigidity, each must play a boxer banana trees, coconut trees and even concrete pillars and had a ball, the hardness of the non-adult limbs comparable to other boxers.

Traditional Chinese martial arts are very particular about the basic skills, the training period is very long. Now Sanda athletes, the general physical good that one or two hours a day or even less time training, the level of two or three years also stagnated, and the final analysis, training intensity is not enough.

Heavily temptation "" "
Chinese saying goes, is called" eating life of hardship, Fang Wei Ren Exalted, "is to inspire high bonus incentives to attract black boxer black boxer to eat," life of hardship, "the main reason. If only a few hundred dollars prize money, who is willing to 365 days a year, every day was trained in sweat? Flow so sweating, when the porters carry large packages earned a lot of money.

Black fist prize money than the same high level of open competition, under the so-called rich reward there must be Isao, profits are naturally some people are willing to sacrifice their lives. To smoking, drinking to ease anxiety, but in the ring is completely controlled by the individuals themselves, so the benefits of self-regulation is direct.

Chinese black market black market in boxing live boxing insider investigation Record

October 2002, I have a SAR in the coastal personally watched a boxing match the black market.

Xiao Wu (a pseudonym) is a game of the introducer. I remember that night me and a friend received his phone was downstairs, on the one Honda Accord car, driving is a 40-year-old, merchants look like people. Xiao Wu on the car, said good prices collected in accordance with both of us tickets for the 1000 costs, did not give any notes.

9:20 came to the outskirts of a small town

Xiao Wu to the driver from the guiding point of view, traders look like the driver also seems to look at the black boxing audience. Park the car, followed by Xiao Wu went to a tea house, Xiao Wu said that in the vicinity of the venue, where tea drinking for a while, wait a minute.

20 minutes later, Xiao Wu received a phone call later, he laughs off the phone side is ready, you can go. Then we come out from the restaurant came to a restaurant near the venue.

The competition venue is an indoor gym, which a mess there are some equipment. Fitness Central is a 200 square meters large, open area used for Aerobics. Stood strong at the moment the venue is rock music for several television stood foursquare fighting video game, the atmosphere is very warm.

Five minutes, come to a hundred people, to chat with people who came together in twos and threes. Audience most of them are 25 to 40-year-old adult male, from the view of an air bearing to business owners mostly, there are more than a dozen women.

Approach of Xiao Wu disappeared after this time they went before us, asking us, do not bet the next, he also called the drive, Mr Yuen - only this time we look at to determine who is also the game - bet. As we look at the game on the road, Xiao Wu has been described in detail to our game today, the situation of two boxer at the moment I saw written on either side of two tables, respectively, two of the nickname, winning, lose rate.

Black boxer, "Hot Wheels" in winning percentage is 47 wins 0 losses, odds are 1:1.6. Opponent, "Black Bull" in winning percentage is 25 wins 0 losses, odds are 1:1.5. The two sides seemed close to, so odds are also similar.

Xiao Wu said that today's game, "Hot Wheels" and "Black Bull" has the city's support of big bosses Zuozhuang. 2 bosses strength of 1000 a note today, boxing bet, up to the next one million.

10:10 2 boxers on stage

"Hot Wheels" and "Black Bull" heads, body weight is similar to about 80 kilograms in body weight, height of about 1 meter 85, "Hot Wheels" slightly higher. Both are a solid decisions based on the muscle, naked upper body, shorts shoes, do not wear glove. After taking office two black boxers began Hengmei head against the cold, as, while walking back and forth whispered roar.

Boxer took office, the venue almost all of them are noisy underground injection. Xiao Wu desperately to persuade our bets, he said that what he calls "Black Bull" and that he would buy under the 2000 "Black Bull" win. In order to dispel his suspicion, and I followed him to the words "Black Bull" two characters of the desk, to the 2000 and won two green casino chip. Get the chips into the audience after the left-right divide their support for the fighters to stand behind the two roughly the same number of supporters.

At this time the venue's music has become more strident stronger, the audience's emotions are very excited and started yelling some "Black Bull, Tisi him!" "Hot Wheels, I Kill them!" And other similar .


2 fighter game started cautiously close to opponent, footwork is very flexible and rapid. Everyone in the audience this time, like all stimulants like to eat his face or red or white, there are several audiences kept mouth shut shiver, a few women with very exaggerated the speed of mad chewing gum. Music at this time, suddenly switched off, the venue has become very quiet.

Music turned off, do not breathe three or tone of voice, two boxer attacked almost simultaneously. Right foot sound pops Cui Xiang, hear everyone whole body numb, fists hit the body's bang bang sound boxer with a low voice Menheng issued to stimulate the audience get inside clenched his fists one after another, several people began to roaring, most people were silent stare at the floor of the two desperate struggle of the boxer. Two people attack speed is very fast, they seem reluctant to close fighting, too close to take the initiative to pull away from once the ... ... 1:00

10:30 brutality of the scene took place after the start of the race was covered in blood in 10 minutes

two people this time there is no curtain, "Hot Wheels" from knee slam to the "Black Bull" in the abdomen, after an uppercut headspace Alignment "Black Bull" and played the chin once again be "Black Bull" flash , "Hot Wheels" With melodies of the elbow punch, "Black Bull" in the face ... ...

this in mind re-elbow just hit the "Black Bull" and face the stage, "Black Bull" gone after this look Some dazed slack, "Hot Wheels" no other "Black Bull" fell to the ground, was underway knee hoisting "Black Bull" in the left ribs, which look at the top is too ruthless, then came the voice of broken bones ... ...

Taiwan Under the buy "Hot Wheels" and gamblers began to send out a pulse howling, and some were "ah! ah! ah ... ..." one voice barking, some should be rich in 1:00, and "I Win Again!" "supplemented foot, exposed head!" and so on nonsense, and some of people to mutter prayers while repeatedly nodding his heel Dayton ... ...

this time competing with music again rang. I saw someone lying on the ground power check the "Black Bull" injury, I saw the man shook his head after inspection, I saw still standing, "Hot Wheels" suddenly spits out a spittle on the ground, and then he went to sit on stools on the sidelines dressed.

Won the money, gamblers began to exchange chips, and some people go after their money, "Hot Wheels" next to superimpose him some money, say a few words. Lost their money to gamblers, some began to BS-ing, others silent. And we go the same way to a businessman surnamed Yuan Meng Xi then took out a cigarette, his face flushing, could see that he was very excited. The four of us have lost, because you can buy the "Black Bull", Xiao Wu side of the BS-ing, while to tell us what the black boxing betting on winning or losing is normal.

Xiao Wu took us down the stairs, I saw people watching the game went in all directions, and soon disappear clean.

A black boxing matches on the way to an end.
Eternal Chinese soldiers2010-02-17 21:35:27 +0000 #5
the black market where well-known boxing champion with a lot of Chinese people, where there are no Menpai and the state of the points, only the most simple and most direct killing techniques ---
lawrencexcb2010-02-17 21:23:18 +0000 #6
how powerful is not the k1? Also do stay in the black market



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