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Changning Culture Center is good to teach Tae Kwon Do

nishujun19912010-02-17 21:10:55 +0000 #1
I want to go to school - 0
Shun-Yue2010-02-17 21:13:11 +0000 #2
Address: Changning District, Shanghai, No. 650 Xian Xia Road, 3rd Floor (New Cultural Arts College of Technology Constant)

Description: Shanghai Changning Culture Arts Center (also known as the Changning District, Cultural Center) is located at No. 650 Xian Xia Road, Changning District, entertainment in the lots, and convenient transportation, neighboring the Shanghai Hongqiao Economic and Technological Development Zone, Changning District, the ancient northern zone and Linkong Economic Zone, the external luxury villas and numerous high-level residential areas, have moved into a number of foreign white-collar sectors of the community. Cultural center focused on the completion of numerous well-known architects in Shanghai wisdom, the whole building a simple and neat style, refined luxury to the public yet, is a more modern new cultural facilities. Cultural Arts Center, advanced facilities, beautiful environment, now has artistic training, meetings, exhibitions, performances, films, books games, KTV, dance hall, table tennis and other services. Cultural Center has a modern 1,000 square-meter exhibition hall, well-equipped 628-seat performance theater that can accommodate 10 to 200 people a large meeting rooms 15. Since the completion of years, Changning Culture and Arts Center has undertaken many large-scale public and market-oriented operation of exhibitions, performances, the conduct of business in Shanghai and the whole Western culture and the entertainment industry has a certain degree of popularity and reputation. 1997 assessment by the Municipal Cultural Bureau, was rated as "super, Shanghai Museum." Time and cost Friday 19:00-20:30 hours charge 120 yuan / year (8 courses)



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