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Dacheng Quan Yi Jinjing

xuechenxuanlv2010-02-17 22:10:03 +0000 #1
two kinds of internal strength colleagues can practice Buddhism? I practice Yiquan more than three years, and only the Zhan Zhuang, feeling very good, now gradually learn art of attack. This same time, I practiced for three months Yi Jinjing just start to feel very comfortable, with stretch pull pulse feeling, the spirit of feet, this same time, I still insist on piles of Yiquan two hours of exercise a day. The whole body felt the last few days, being insipid, heavy black eye, collapsing the power of boxing is also greatly reduced.

I do not quite understand that, in practice Yijin Jing, I almost feel that it is, and yoga, how it will be uncomfortable!

My master is the Yiquan master, I can not let him know I stole Xi Yi Jinjing. Requested a 12-bit heroes predecessors pointing, very grateful!
jiancangfeng2010-02-17 22:22:24 +0000 #2
Germany before the abbot of Shaolin Zen master, in the 90's on to the media, said Yi Jinjing the original had been lost, and now the community spread of the so-called "Yi Jinjing" belongs to posterity invention, not credible . Objectively speaking, the modern martial arts film Yi Jinjing a far cry from the role and function is to strong bones and muscles, and the martial arts, art of attack and flipped. Yiquan is created by Mr. Wang Xiangzhai, although only just a few decades, but the training methods are very system perfect, whether it is fitness or the art of attack and the ability is unquestionable. Since you apprentice to learn Yiquan, we should stick to, there is a word called Baihui than a special, do not practice a lot of effort at the same time, remember! If the practicing Yiquan circumstances, insist on practicing Yi Jinjing increase is tantamount to put porridge in the sand, wine Duishui to let you know it's furious master. Finally say a few words, your body and the black eye and the inability to practice Yijin Jing has nothing to do, and practicing Yiquan has nothing to do, we should rest from other areas such as restaurants look for reasons, I can not do, and went to the hospital to check, but the actual number.
TPZerg0072010-02-17 22:42:45 +0000 #3
Yi Jinjing may be a result of practicing law can not, you can stagger the time period with the effect of approach to try
Yunshan Muzi2010-02-17 22:32:58 +0000 #4
can not be practiced at the same time two different types of power. Each has its own complete set of static stance Introduction to the path that the gas in the meridian points along the line, when mixing many different ways are contrary to or conflict has caused harm to. I understand it all too many years of practice



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