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DNF judo problem! ! ! ! !

nike85242182010-02-17 22:10:10 +0000 #1
Ask about a number of kinds of judo suit, I am now 30, wearing what attributes are what set ah?

They were recommended in several Canadian point system! !

Do not copy! !
zhuzi68762010-02-17 22:25:37 +0000 #2
add skills to their own properties to buy fashion, clothing with the pants, the rest of what you like to wear what the addition of attributes the same. The specific number of sets, I do not know.
chf2522894632010-02-17 22:38:46 +0000 #3
I like this plus point, Hubei eye of the typhoon 5 District 58

wrestling skills to strengthen, grade: 10

grasp bombardment artillery, grade: 1

crawl Upanishads, grade: 6

back wrestling, grade: 10

mandatory - back throw, grade: 1

back wrestling to strengthen, grade: 1

King broken, class: 20

mandatory - Diamond pieces, grade: 1

folding neck, Level: 10

mandatory - folding neck, grade: 1

spiral comet down, class: 12

mandatory - Spiral comet down, grade: 1

hell cradle, grade: 1

dumped, grade: 5

mandatory - dumped, grade: 1

Thunderbolt elbow, grade: 1

sliding grab, class: 10

violence, crawl, class: 10

empty twisted hammer, Level: 5

crack Danpo Tian, grade: 1

Reinforced iron bone, Level: 5

brutal collision, grade: 1

end of the storm, grade: 7

Thunder back wrestling, grade: 1

throwing sand, grade: 1

on the uppercut, class: 10

before the kick , grade: 1

mandatory - the uppercut, grade: 1

hawk riding, grade: 5

cyclone leg, grade: 1

I like the plus point is that feeling pretty good

Set, then recommend that you look at See (, 6.shtml) ← 17173

judo site to speed or strength, hard, straight, then wear a light A certain long enough



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