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Taekwondo segmentation

kuangweihanhan2010-02-17 22:10:24 +0000 #1
How to subparagraph
hongyuesi12010-02-17 22:24:42 +0000 #2
taekwondo class and segment (product)

leucorrhea: No Class

Yellow Belt: 8, 7

Green Belt: 6, 5

blue-ribbon : 4, 3

Red Belt: 2, 1

Black Belt (product zone): 1 paragraph - 9 Section

leucorrhea: leucorrhea on behalf of purity, there is no taekwondo practitioners the knowledge and foundation, all from scratch .

White Yellow Belt: practitioners over a period of time to train, already know the basics of Tae Kwon Do and learn some basic techniques to begin the transition from the leucorrhea to yellow belt.

Yellow Belt: Yellow Belt is the color of the earth, as plants take root in the soil, as in this stage to lay a solid foundation and learn the spirit of the land great virtue.

Yellow, and green belt: yellow belt and green belt between between the level of practitioners of technology on the rise.

Green Belt: Green Belt is the color of the plant on behalf of practitioners of taekwondo technology has begun to flourish in Taekwondo techniques constantly perfect.

Green Blue Ribbon: Blue Ribbon from the Green Belt to the transition zone, the level of practitioners in the Green Belt and the blue-ribbon between.

Blue Ribbon: Blue Ribbon is the color of the sky, with the continuous training of taekwondo practitioners mature technology, like a tree to the sky, like the growth has been completely started practicing taekwondo.

Blue and red belt: Blue Ribbon slightly higher than the level of practitioners than the red band is slightly lower, ranging between the Blue Ribbon and red tape.

Red Belt: Red is dangerous, warning colors, practitioners already have a considerable ability to attack constituted a threat to the opponent, should pay attention to self-cultivation and control.

Red and black belt: After a long systematic training, practitioners have complete a 10-1 from the full course and began the transition from red belt to black belt.

Black Belt: black belt on behalf of practitioners after long and arduous hone their technical movements and ideas have been revised down to a mature state. Black Belt Tae Kwon Do is also a symbol of darkness and fear are not affected.

Beginner, the general accompanied by leucorrhea, learning Taekwondo tight and basic knowledge of basic etiquette. Typically, taekwondo black belt attend before eligibility is granted in the acquisition, were known as the beginners (ribbon). Beginners can take part in a month held the "promotion examination." If you will be able to pass the examination for promotion one.
fzgglen2010-02-17 22:54:09 +0000 #3
From 10 to upgrade to one, and then upgraded to a black belt in a paragraph, then upgraded to a maximum Dan Taekwondo 9, usually as a black belt Taekwondo instructor 4. In the Black Belt level there are a lot of color before the scallops, in short personal view is that apart from Black Belt is the best-looking leucorrhea - determined not to take any other color ribbon
wyq08192010-02-17 22:55:39 +0000 #4
10 CLASS 9 para.
Shanghai Taekwondo2010-02-17 22:40:51 +0000 #5
in front of several answers out of date,

Tae Kwon Jin-assessment provisions of paragraph

(WTF Provisions)

8 (l goods, l length of segment evaluation and age distinction)

1. L goods, l segment examination

goods, Dan l goods or segment length l examination materials, the age distinction between reference to the matter in paragraph l

a goods product segment under 15 years old


request complies with all the candidates are age and age limits assessment


1 → 2 items a year under 15 years old

2 → 3 items for 2 years under 15 years old

3 → 4 products 3 years the age of 18 to 1 in paragraph 15 above the age of

1 → 2 in paragraph 1 above the age of 16 years over 15 years old

2 → 3 in paragraph 2 above the age of 18 years over 15 years old

3 → 4 in paragraph 3 above the age of 21 years over 18 years old

4 → 5 paragraph 4 years over 25 years old 22 years old and above

5 → 6 paragraph 5 years over 30 years old 30 years old above

6 → 7 paragraph 6 above the age of 36 years, 36 years old

7 → 8 segment over 8 years and above 44 years old 44 years old

8 → 9 in paragraph 9 above the age of 53 years and above 53 years of age

9 → 10 paragraphs over 60 years old 60 years old above

2.1, 2, 3 goods, persons over the age of 15 can be regarded as paragraph (4 items need to at least 18 years old).



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