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Which Zuiteng beat beat! There are a few joints where you can break with both hands a break with bot

c138588667662010-02-17 22:10:56 +0000 #1
Next to me, have a higher than me than me strength Tate's bullying me! Tell me how to lesson his next! Let alone encourage people, with a knife, public notice, the teacher taught me the recipe for ...... useful! Self-defense! I was in Wenzhou! QQ793526018 video taught me Fine!
fytjgu2010-02-17 22:22:51 +0000 #2
throat on the fight, the next stitch Yin
pulsator Add2010-02-17 22:50:23 +0000 #3
My 14-year-old, who started on Friday, a pick 2, is the second year junior high, and they are ruthless fight than Tiger, but I got I won. Not because of those useless tricks, but because the ruthless, showed their curse and forget everything, towards a rapid blow to the head
Clothes Lu2010-02-17 22:32:01 +0000 #4
go to the hospital to see if acupuncture points map, playing joint points can be done you say a break with both hands a break with both hands on the fell to the ground, but 100% accurate Caixing.
Polar bear Hansen2010-02-17 22:41:16 +0000 #5
is very small older (non-Han good) told me - when to fight - not panic - can actually force the knee kick kick -

can cause the other knee dislocated ------

There is a - frequently used by others --- pinching the neck, or when the lock body - breaking off a finger -哈哈---

are usually more common - the basic ah -
zxy2100072010-02-17 23:13:56 +0000 #6
you take a look at the Chinese Martial Arts Competition Grappling technique invincible let down by Otherwise a non-disabled have to paralyze
232,069,9912010-02-18 01:03:16 +0000 #7
men have two fatal areas: the Adam's apple, testis.

As long as attacks to the two parts of the strokes are good strokes, heart attack is severe, hands faster.

If he is taller than you: like to use hand-held your collar, your fingers poke his eyes rapidly, his eyes in order to protection must let go, and then you took the opportunity to attack on its crotch (testicles), this action must be ruthless, lethal too large, but the immortality of people, enough to make you never forget!
aiucard2010-02-17 23:42:35 +0000 #8
terms of capturing the Internet's basic tactics, in particular, so, but you can utilize even a few thousand times, but for the value of the dignity of man!
Chen-kuo military counselor2010-02-18 01:01:11 +0000 #9
formulas according to martial arts practice, on the fight throat, under the overcast stitch. (This move to use properly, will kill people)
Fairy Water2010-02-18 00:55:33 +0000 #10
hit him slightly below ..= 3 =..
wang sun2010-02-17 23:31:22 +0000 #11
I wonder if you are Yaogen people cut rub, or Yaogen home head-on collision.

If only cut only with anti-rub on the joint technology to teach you a move and most effective.

Hands strangle: pretending to make peace with his handle, not shake hands together, is the left hand grasping his left hand, right hand grasping his right hand, he showed no intention suddenly under the premise of force, twisting his hands together, that you use right hand with his left hand from his right hand around the top, after pressing down the right again, just as the same twist Twist, so that his left hand will be in his own right hand Kang Zhu, leaving his left hand was anti-joints, the entire the body will be immobile.

Remember Do not confused, you left hand grasping his right hand, right hand grasping his left hand, you'd better find someone to practice what, remember I will let his left hand by his right hand was anti-Kang Zhu, and joints.

Actually very simple. Be sure to keep in mind that he had not intended to show under the premise of twisting his hand. Must act quickly after the success of his addition to beg you, no choice, he does not ask you to click on the force, he is anti-joints, you are not.

This trick, I often use, each time people seek no less than 5 times before I let him, then he would take incredibly, no longer Bugan Re you.
In this place2010-02-18 00:42:08 +0000 #12
fight stomach
yuanx512010-02-18 00:48:29 +0000 #13
'residual Lured, committed servant of the legislature', first dared to fight, there are vicious. Variable hiding for the intercept, and change of retreat, can not be afraid to suffer, I believe that one sentence: Do not everyone lives in fear! So as to quell him on from the momentum. As for the sensitive areas, the crucial point, it is easy to find it, is not recommended to play! !

Another: No, he do not attack the upper part of a better offer. Taekwondo is spent in actual combat, and of limited usefulness.



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