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Judo and karate

More than 25 fire arms2010-02-17 22:11:10 +0000 #1
judo and karate belt colors in order for that? ? ?

What is the basic trick? ? ?

Taolu What is this? ? ?

Cool-tricks for that? ? ?
Slev2010-02-17 22:16:03 +0000 #2
judo and karate belt colors in order for that? ? ?

This I do not posted, there is no meaning, because each genre belt color order is different, you can not see him from the color band is not very strong. Are generally preceded by 10, in addition to new leucorrhea all genres other than the color of the order of their own determined after 10 is a black belt. There are red belt judo top honors with this. . The red belt karate schools is an intermediate level of the bag, so you do not into a dead end in.

But one thing you need to know that black belts were previously known as level, black belt be called after the section, karate is not a segment this argument, only the early stage.

Karate is the focus on the fight against technology (boxing legs Zhouxi head, etc.), focusing on wrestling techniques, individual skills to teach sleep (ground attack), high-level can learn instruments.

Judo throwing techniques, and sleep is a focus on skills, individual skills to teach when the body (actually, that is the fight against technology)

judo is not routine, karate routines called tube type, type there are too many, and common peace of series, An 3, 3 war, crushing series of 18 hands, etc., are not the same as the type of each genre, you can check themselves.

Cool-tricks for that? ? ?

Handsome is not necessarily so. . And each person Shuai position are different, I can say is symbolic action:

judo too much sign of movement, such as the overhand throw and the Palestinian vote

karate moves are also many signs, such as cross-kick (by Bruce Lee cross-kick in fact we learn from the karate, and before his legs could not believe that the waist and changed their minds after the exchange), such as suicide techniques (in fact, this is from the Capola or where to learn judo..) like to drop kick (to the look up under the劈腿ax-type) before the return to be achieved overnight (in fact, is to learn Muay Thai) Front kick (this and Sanshou Muay Thai style of play and really not the same) on the 3rd month kick

PS: upstairs who complete outsider Well, Karate and Shaolin What is the relationship, really out of the Shaolin martial arts world is it? And the Fujian White Crane bit source to be true.
Wouwou Martial Arts2010-02-17 22:41:01 +0000 #3
do not know

I can not learn martial arts to help you,



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