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52KO was knocked down 52 times, or someone else 52 times?

360,705,4742010-02-17 23:10:22 +0000 #1
Look at a person usually occur when the game results: 52KO. Refers to boxing, such as the question, what does that mean
attackwc2010-02-17 23:22:15 +0000 #2
generally record the number of competitors in the ko, if a boxer is ko 52 times, at least in the central Taiwan boxing broadcasts you will not see this person that
Liu drip2010-02-17 23:47:46 +0000 #3
52KO refers to the direct down 52 times, does not include the victory of the screening points
cafe guitarist2010-02-17 23:44:32 +0000 #4
is the knockouts 52.



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