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How long will the lock laryngeal syncope How long can die?

Bamboo Ye Feng2010-02-17 23:10:43 +0000 #1

FEDOR that do not seem to be the most powerful
finger in the wind2010-02-17 23:25:56 +0000 #2
general, the lock throat locked the 10 seconds will be hors de combat, up to 20 seconds or so it will stupefy syncope, 30 seconds or more complete life.

But this is only for ordinary people, they would hard to say that level, and should be adhered to a little longer.
JJJJJJJT2010-02-17 23:33:43 +0000 #3
This is not reined in the other side of the trachea, as if only a little under the chin a bit, but fixed the other side. After all, only fighting games are not Shengsizhizhan



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