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Advice on the prevention of physical abuse by some of the problems illegal

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my friend, I want to learn kung fu fist point, learning what is good? Or anything else would also like to thank the proposed answer! ! (I want a man self-point, because no one with the practice) there Please do not misunderstand, I just want to learn something about self-defense only, no other bad intention. . . . . Thank you for pointing! !
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fighting to improve the body's level, where several aspects should be realized?

In fact, the fighting capabilities is the improvement of neurological function, quality of growth and action sports technology and skilled. Therefore, nothing more than psychological training, scientific training, quality training and technical training. Specific to the ways and means of training, our program is to be able to rapidly improve the level of training in basic combat training, explosive training, resistance training and combat training.

Pure basic training in general, as the beginning of the training, which includes such long-distance running, Zhan Zhuang endurance training; lycopodii, skipping, etc. flexibility training. Would also like to have some the most basic and simple offensive and defensive moves. The strength training as a complementary exercise, for those who are bad people who muscle development is necessary, but special attention should be maintained each shoulder and hip muscles to relax.

In the implementation of the short-term basis for training, it is necessary in order to explosive training and combat training, mainly to resistance training, secondary, cross-training. At the same time, should not give up basic training, but to regard him as a preparation and finishing activities.

Explosive power training is a "skill" growth of the main ways. Resistance to commonly used has a certain flexibility or sudden movements repeated drills. Empty exercises in the absence of auxiliary equipment, the repeated action of several angles hair strength. The main points is that the action-oriented E-STOP, for the development of movement in the opposite direction of the momentum built up. Shaking rod is to improve the explosive force of a very effective method. By making the wax rod towards a direction of repeated jitter, and strive to impulsive penetration in the head, so that rod footer seamless. Attack complex training is a combination of explosive and offensive technology training, including hitting can improve the speed of the main pear ball, mainly to improve the strength of heavy sandbags and the main improve the coordination of the lob, but also can improve the responsiveness of hitting those who have no regular shaking the hands of the target. In addition, the various boxing camp in those valuable Lianfa, and other sports training methods we can learn from.

The body can not be bulletproof, so resistance training can only be a supplementary training. In the intense movement, even in the setbacks will be maintained and eventually won the victory, not only need a strong will, but also rely on the body's ability to fight. To improve resistance to commonly used solid ball or hard sticks and rolling method of the abdomen and limbs can also be used hard in a soft object to the collision of a site. Training with attention to breathing, prohibit the use of hard objects or to vital parts of practice.

The real as a hard and dangerous, and as a last resort in order to conduct high-level training is wrong. We embark on the basis of short-term training, it should be real as a routine. However, for security or should wear glove, forbidden to wear hard-soled shoes, not wearing any sharp hard goods, and pay attention to the venue and the environment. Real early, the two sides of a single play can be used repeatedly attack and defense to know the technology. Also can be used to attack the whole defensive all the way, that is all out to attack the attackers, but with caution heavy fist, defender best defense, but not allowed to fight back the way the training. This Lianfa the defender beaten is a normal phenomenon, do not have to have a lingering fear. If you start a real combat, the initial should try to avoid strong opponents against an offensive-defensive play allowed the use of any technology that allows heavy blow, it is important to maintain a strong real ideas and comfortable state of mind, we should "combat" as a learning a good chance to opponents with a variety of different styles of training, regardless of the outcome. Turns over continuously at war, or at the same time with the people at war is a kind of super-combat training in law, it can further enhance the level of the trainers of fighting.

Doing for more than a variety of training, usually to raise some questions: If the action is a good walk a straight line, or take the arc good? Fast and slow motion what is excellent? Impulsive As everyone is a ton of non-rigid-flexible? It should be noted breathing? focus on what is only their feet? and so on. The answer to such questions are: Action songs, there should be straight, in straight or curved, sports and speed phase, the impulsive hardness and softness, breath either consciously or unconsciously, between the center of gravity in the legs and flexible transformation ... ....

In short, to deal with this issue can not go to extremes, extremes meet, and only select the appropriate location in which to achieve the best results. In addition, you can do with less, but more useless. In the training sought is simple, to know a number of musical notes can be merged into numerous articles. Simple techniques can be combined in actual combat play out the endless kinds of novel play. Cumbersome and unusual only in the performances is refreshing. Simple and deep in order to cope with in actual combat. A kind of play can become its own offensive weapons, not to see this play is orthodox, but rather look at this play in actual use is comfortable and effective. Zhao law should vary, not uniform formality.

There is no fatigue there will be no training. Training requirements for each of a fast-trainer training in each of the poles should be more than fatigue. Training can be carried out next day, but each must have a large enough amount of exercise and exercise intensity, after the training period the most important thing there is sufficient rest and adequate nutrition.

Be a class out of the elite of the boxing at home is not as trained as previously dreamed of. Hard training will make you boring, in actual combat you have learned may become no trace, in a strong opponent attacks, you will be beaten tasted the bitter fruit, if a little relaxation training, you will have a significant level of fighting the decline and so on. To overcome these difficulties will rely on bull by the horns and scientific training methods.

The body's movement quality refers to the capacity of human motion. To engage in any movement, which most of the training are in order to enhance this capacity. In the martial arts exercises to improve their physique is called "practicing his martial arts", "growth in skill." Have a good quality in order to make technology work, while the technology is used in order to play the quality of the ways and means.

Modern sports theory, the basic quality of the human body movement into power quality, speed, quality, endurance, quality, flexibility, quality and agility. Although these qualities have their own characteristics, but they are closely related. Improving the quality of any kind will be the development of other qualities to produce good effects. On the contrary, some of poor quality is bound to interfere with other quality.

Strength quality: it is the human body in motion against the resistance capacity. Have attached great importance to the strength of various sports training to enhance muscle strength quality is to develop and improve the regulatory function of nerve. The reason is: the power comes from muscle contraction, the thick muscles inevitably lead to an increase in muscle strength. The neural regulation of muscle force, which should focus on the coordination of contraction of the muscles against a high degree of relaxation.

Speed Quality: It refers to the ability of the human body for rapid movement. Usually presents reaction speed. Time for the completion of a single movement, the frequency of repetition and the overall speed of movement. However, they all depend on the reaction speed and muscle contraction speed, and (of course, also depends on the speed of sprinting pace of the span). Reaction rate tends to be used nerve stimulation to the beginning of action from the occurrence of the time it takes to express. Felt more acutely, the brain the more excited the more skilled techniques, then the reaction time is shorter. Muscle contraction speed is determined by the type of muscle fiber, muscle strength, muscle tissue and the conditioned reflex excitability of the fear of the extent determined by the solid. Fast-twitch muscle fibers (ie, the outbreak of type muscles, muscle strip, live muscle) the more the greater muscle strength, its contraction, the faster.

Endurance qualities: it refers to the ability of the human body prolonged exercise. Endurance and breathing has a very close relationship. Body movement to the larger volume of oxygen inhaled, can not tolerate a lack of oxygen, the more the number of its endurance, the better. Therefore, lung and respiratory system, heart and blood circulatory system tolerance of the more stronger the muscles, their endurance, the better.

Flexibility qualities: it is the physical range of motion and muscle relaxation measure of the degree. It depends on the scope of joint activities, joint the size of the surrounding tissue, as well as ligament, tendon, muscle and skin extensibility. It also depends on the neural control of muscle coordination.

Sensitive qualities: it refers to the movement of the body in the fight against the ability to act according to circumstances. Seems to be all the qualities and overall performance, the body's sensitivity in space and time to be machine in response.

These are the basic quality of human motion. Together if they are applied to boxing, we can conclude that real art of attack and should focus on improving the main fighting power.

Explosive power is the most important real quality. It is the strength of quality and speed with quality. Can increase the power to accelerate the speed of movement, while the movement speed increase will, in turn increased the strength of hit. Explosive quality of a person's strengths and weaknesses, both determined by innate genetic, but also depends on the nurture. In general, longer limbs and tendon, muscle flexibility, explosive power of talented people. However, through scientific training will also give explosive power far more than ordinary people.

Jumping force is a reflection of the size of the human body explosive power, most of the people jumping can be an amazing explosive trained. Good jumping ability will help us in fighting in the defense attack on the other side to maintain their balance.

Coordination capacity is another important quality of the actual combat. It is the flexible quality of the comprehensive embodiment of agility. Between the various parts of the body, the coordination between the various actions will enable the completion of the entire operation of the beautiful, accurate, focused, and can significantly reduce fatigue. Improve coordination ability of the most important is the development of muscle and skilled bar movement skills.

Stress capability means the ability to adapt to the intense competitive. It is a real quality can not be ignored. Including endurance quality, combat capability, will and courage. In the long duel of life and death, or in difficult environments and circumstances setbacks, to win, they must have a good ability to stress.

All the qualities listed above is for trainers to propose a preliminary basis. Enable them to clear the cellar of the increase in training, what they are and the situation for their own plan for focused training, so as to be truly effective way to improve their actual combat capability. Jin

identified recently discovered some friends of my boxing skills, especially exaggerated martial law of the King and even deified dye residue. In fact, the boxing in the amazing momentum built up is not illusory, elusive god of technology. I got Quan Jin, Jin Lu is engaged in research and had the momentum built up an effective training results, it does improve my ability to have a real untold benefits.

JEN study is the most critical combat boxing content. The fighting cells attack human beings, is nothing more than the impulsive interaction between the human body. Of all martial arts boxing skills, from the moves to the tactics, nothing more than to find how to make better use of Omni. Boxing family had reason to distinguish between "powerful" and "force" the word is meant to explain the formation through the martial arts training, the "powerful" and the stagnation of innate possess the "force" could not be starker, but essentially to said, "powerful" is still in force areas. With real experience of boxing to force analysis and research will enable the learning boxing, training and the use of some basis, so that we can identify the authenticity of, and can help us find the best way to a Shengtangrushi.

1, the essence of boxing in force in the power of boxing

What are they? It is invisible, but can feel. It is manifested within the human body and human interaction is part of the energy delivered to the shot in from the attack part of a trend. Human capital is the result of muscle contraction is to chemical energy into mechanical energy results. Through the force's role, which will ultimately enable acceleration of an object produced or obtained deformation. In actual combat the use of force is reflected in the:

(l) to downing some of the damage (deformation), such as: fractures, organ rupture, concussion and other internal injuries and external damage.

(2) to enable the shot in some of the speed change (acceleration), for example: The hair throws, was falling and so on.

(3) a combination of both these changes.

We are fighting in these effects is the use of force to knock down, hit, injured, knocked unconscious and even hit residual, killing the enemy.

Force the use of effects not only the size of the force, but also the direction of force, force the role of point (force three elements). For the more complicated situation, force should be fully taken into account the role of time, force the pace of change, force the synthesis or decomposition and other factors.

2, boxing in the force analysis

Fat force hitting an object at different speeds, mechanical objects, the changes not the same. In general, the faster the movement against goods being against things more easily damaged, and not easily impressed. Materials campaign against more slowly, is more difficult to damage against objects, but easily moved. Of course, this was shot and the fight against the strength and intensity of objects, all must be consistent with Newton's laws of motion.

We have the rapid strike force, called the impact force; the role of the slow force, known as the continuity over time. The range so that the force between the two materials to obtain the maximum speed of the force, known as the hair throwing power.

(A) sustainability: sustainability is a real person both sides to a slower speed or stationary force, often exist in the push and pull to shore up mortgages, top pressure and other moves. Sustainability tends to force material toward dictate the direction of hair at the same rate of movement, in addition to the resistance encountered by the power of material forces, leaving the organization by force tear, sprain, the force will not cause material damage.

According to Newton's second theorem:

force - the force resistance = force things material mass × acceleration

Thus,As long as you exert a force greater than the resistance force can make the body of the force as you move. In addition, the resistance the smaller the object the more easily force movement, and its internal forces are also smaller bear, not easily damaged. For instance, in capturing surgery, you will screw each other's arms transfer to the lateral approach, due to the limited construction of the human body, so that force can not be larger than the screw transfer resistance force, so that his arm was twisted action, if the resistance to smaller, can easily Yang-turn causing the body; if resistance to large, can easily cause bone damage, in this case, the boxer who shun the more impulsive, so that not to hurt rather inverted.

(B) of the impact: impact force is based on the explosive, Hang seen kicking, beating, point, hit, etc. strike law. It is the real power of the most common, although not easy to impress each other, but most likely wounded opponent.

According to mechanics, the relationship between physical activity and the impulse, the relationship between stress and strength can be deduced:

impact stress = (the impact of pre-exposure compounds the impact of body mass × speed) ÷ (force acting time × force in contact area )

If the impact stress exceeds the strength of being an impacting object will cause it to be an impacting object damage. How to improve the impact of stress, can hit more lethal then?

(L) to increase the impact of body mass: Under normal circumstances, knee and elbow hit, punched and kicked more than a more powerful, the reason is the knee, the elbow is greater than the quality of punched and kicked. In the technology hit the commonly used methods to increase the impact of body mass is in contact with opponents of the moment, a sudden extreme muscle tension, force, so that the impact of whole body as a whole.

(2) increasing access to pre-impact speed of the body: no speed there would be no impact on the body's shoulders, hips although the force is large, but because of slow movement, so it is difficult to be the most sharp weapon. An extremely thick powerful people, but difficult to win in the fighting, mainly because his attack is too slow. Correct hitting, should make the impact of exposure to the moment before the downing of things to reach the peak speed. Excess muscle tension will hinder the emergence of this peak, therefore, not contact with the target of the attack in the process, should try to relax the muscles and coordination.

(3) reducing the role of force time: the role of force time refers to the downing of material from exposure to crack down on the time it takes to complete. To reduce this time, can not be misunderstood as a dozen or back, or go beyond that, but should be understood as the use of less hard to crack down on more vulnerable parts of the site, do not give room for downing materials to provide a cushion, thus reducing power action time.

(4) reducing the force of the contact area: the more sharp blade, they turned their guns more acute, force the smaller the contact area, the more lethal. In the contest, the boxer who is also customary fist, palm, saying, foot, knee, elbow, first-class cutting-edge as the impact of body bones in order to reduce the impact of surface and increase pressure.

For example, the application of Zhi Ji boxing, first of all should be given in the training of rapid response capabilities and a powerful explosive.

1, in order to obtain the peak of impact velocity, attack the body, especially when the arm must be relaxed, be strong and do not have; hind legs pedal at the same time, the waist twisted turn, enable the body to obtain the corresponding ministries, the maximum speed. The more the coordination of the entire movement the more relaxed the better.

2, almost the moment the body in contact with each other, front foot stepped on, or impede the progress of the whole body, so that the body forces so that the increase was concentrated on the arm transmission, so that the speed of even greater fist forward setting.

3, fists hit the target, especially the upper body muscles to be severe contraction, as far as possible to increase the impact of body mass, accompanied by a fist, buckle wrist, rotation etc, and to improve the impact strength, directional ability and the possibility of transformation.

(3), made a throwing power: The purpose of the use of fat throwing power is to play opponents further afield. At this point, attack speed is less than the speed used by impact, while the speed is greater than the use of sustainability. It is based on the other side of the body weight may be, is make contact with each other's time to force a kind of speed as long as possible, it should be thousands of times in the implementation step by step and to seek, in order to achieve the best state.

Opponents have been issued by the greater speed, were sent farther away. Under the impulse - momentum relationship:

been made throws the initial velocity = (fat throwing power - resistance) × ÷ force acting time who was throwing the weight

This shows the strength of hair throwing the larger force the role of the longer, then the effect of throwing the better hair. On the contrary, the other side of the resistance the greater the weight the more heavy, the harder it is issued. Therefore the body heavy, ccc, strong in possession of certain advantages in this regard.

Warring parties of the weight is fixed, increase effectiveness of hair thrown through:

(1) increased fat throwing power: with a strong throwing fat a person is to have a strong power of this force, but also have a certain The explosive force, but also to the overall concentration of hair strength. Fa Li when the emphasis should be lower, action should be small, two foot pedal after the pre-foot and try to make contact with each other their own root ganglia.

(2) reduce the other's resistance: to reduce the resistance is the primary means through a series of techniques to shake each other's heels and undermine the stability of his body. For example, the use of hair before throwing power, the use of shock fried disrupt each other's defense in the form of force; the use of continuous pulse power to force the other party movement; the use of physical or force a sudden transformation, so that the other party out of balance; the use of force on the SYNC Lift each other, to tread in not true.

(3) to extend the power of the role of time: This is where the hair tips for throwing, the same people in power can be made of people far away who he was forced to make the other party must be time for a longer period of acceleration. Mastered the adaptation of the hair throwing speed (the so-called the furnace), will be able to extend this time, this time is in contact with the other side of time, during which fat throwing power is greater than a certain resistance, which is to make each other's speed. In addition, the role of force should be possible to extend the distance from the power to impose on each other when moving the longer distance, the other side has been issued by the greater speed.

The above three kinds of technology hit the common force conducted a preliminary analysis, in fact, the essence of these three forces are the same, but the results of the use of a difference in terminology. In actual combat, the power of impact significantly larger than others. As a master hair boxer throwing power, will raise your combat level, but do not have the impact, would be difficult to cope with strong opponents onslaught.

Third, boxing in the Jing An Analysis of the

(a) bold

Rou Jin: boxing in the Rigid is indivisible, just the brute force of non-rigid, flexible non-foam of the King. There are soft-hard tenacity that's just; soft elastic that has the hard-soft. It is not clear just when and tenderness in the practical Ho Ho superior inferiority, but a combination of both, and can flexibly change the basis of objective circumstances, can we truly "With the King."

(B) listen to King

Yun Jin: Jin is not listening ears to hear, but by the skin to feel each other's King Road, need muscle relaxation, focused and sensitive to their feelings.

Yun Jin Jin is made before the nerve and muscle preparations, the general excitement of the performance of neural and muscle stretching, etc., and accompanied by heart rate, breathing to accelerate the phenomenon.

(3) Direct Jin Jin

spiral: towards a direction of the force as a straight strong, and it has a forceful, fast, easy to use, etc., but there are also easy to maneuver, change could easily be resolved and so inadequate. At any time change the direction of King, could be called Qu Jing. Trajectory of a round, they will be rolling strong, and they are flexible and changing, but not simple. However, there are both direct-Jin Jin-roll combination of power, that is spiral Jin, which both straight, roll two of strong advantages, but also has a good orientation, top drilling capacity.

(4) by King

of Jin: By Jin Jing and are force-oriented synthesis or the rate of synthesis of the problem.

2 force in the opposite direction (angle 180 degrees), for anti-Jin. 2 force direction into the obtuse angle (the angle between 90-180 degrees), in order to squeeze fresh. 2 force direction at right angles (angle 90 degrees), the cut-off Jin. 2 force direction into an acute angle (angle between 0-90 degrees), which of Jin. 2 force in the same direction (angle 0 °) for cis-Jin.

Martial arts in the Shun Jin, collectively referred to as by the King of Jin. Obviously, the easiest Shun Jin, chemical Jin Second, the cut-off fresh again, fresh squeezed more laborious, but the most demanding of anti-Jin.

The above five kinds of fresh, in the games against the encounter, to David and Goliath, to a small system, large, we must learn to make use of more labor-saving methods, that is, to borrow as much as possible enthusiasm. However, blindly emphasized "skillfully deflected the question," while ignoring its own strength to improve the use of other fresh, it is extremely one-sided and dangerous.

(5) the centripetal force of

centrifugal force: two rotating centripetal force and centrifugal force on the involved, but the two forces were acting on the two people. One person by another person lun turn up, those who bear the centripetal force of rotation, is rotated by centrifugal force to bear. After two away from being rotated by rotation around the linear velocity along the direction of being throws. The strength and radius of gyration with the rotation angular velocity is proportional to the square of the product, only to turn laps faster, turn more and more and can put people throw farther. One speed far more.

(6) Air King

Field Jin: Jin is not the so-called air through contact, but be able to dictate to each other at a distance force, is like magnets to attract or exclude inter-field edge. Sensational "hundred steps beating", "Geshandaniu," "impulsive" and accordingly was created. The human body is also some unknown function and potential, but these "special functions" applied to art of attack and not see the real. In the race between the field force people to use, only the Earth's attractiveness.

Identified Quan Jin Jin is the analysis and differentiation, and its purpose is not so useful when learning boxing in the rigid application, but to help them work out according to their specific set of scientific, efficient boxing training methods;, it is also the martial arts experience and mechanics theory, the initial integration attempt.

On the outbreak of boxing is for actual combat drills, but actual combat is actually the impulsive pass each other. Therefore, the use of the impulsive is the most critical issues boxing.

In the struggle, the height of power are often easier to win big, but a weak force wars are numerous. This is because the impulsive effect of the use of force depends not only on the size of this, but also with the force direction, force change, focus, speed of payments related to many factors. The practical effect is that the impulsive comprehensive embodiment of these directions.

A strong desire to win people to break led the offensive and defensive use of storm has developed into a dominant idea in the attack, using positive change bit, true and false conversion to attract each other's confusion and errors, thus seize the opportunity to use the fast-changing tactics, natural, sharp, precise offensive skills against an opponent. It is understood that technology, skilled, quality improvement and bringing into full play will be used to enhance the impulsive effect.

Hit the final stage of the outbreak is usually the impulsive type of cast, this is the most terrible, the most highly effective momentum built up in the fighting in the mostly fatal blow. Ancient and modern boxing Nade's "magic skill" is of such high-quality explosive.

The outbreak of the unity of strength and speed, we burst out of a great moment known as the explosive force (commonly known as deep-fried fresh, frightened Jin, playing the King); in mechanics, strength and speed is equal to the product of power, the outbreak was achieved human power to release the maximum limit (or the best limit). Therefore, the explosive increase in the strength depends on the quality and speed to improve the quality of the common, that is, the maximum power increase in the human body.

The speed of the nervous reaction speed and muscle contraction speed combination. Speed can be increased to improve strength, while the strength of growth can also speed up. General we use strength training to enhance explosive power, that is close to some action to select some of the explosive action drill over and over again. Commonly used to develop the muscles and nerves through the combat against the increased ability to respond. This seems boring and dangerous in ways that are shortcuts to raise standards; in dynamic exercise should be supplemented with the static nature of practice in order to have a certain degree of stamina sex. In addition, each action should be a force issued the special stress on the coordination of the muscles and unrelated to a high degree of muscle relaxation. Because the issuance of each explosive to be relevant by the body as many areas of harmony and transmission. Such as the torso, waist, abdomen, buttocks, legs complement each other to produce the speed of rotary movement, if the arm force is too large, then the power of poor access to rival body, but rather return to their legs.

After rigorous training and practice, so that made power motor coordination, accuracy and consistency, respiratory structured, developed out of the body of a plump, smooth, flexible streamlined muscle, the muscle usually is sung soft, sensitive, but almost in conceptual impulse can be achieved at the same time the pole contraction.

In the actual fighting, your use of explosive can be determined at any time and continuous explosive. Because of the tremendous power is sudden in an instant, causing the other party did not accept the slightest preparation, which not only disrupt the defensive situation, but also interrupted the regularity of the atmosphere and normal neural response, so I do not know how to deal with each other.

Explosive force of the application should not have laws, but have a clear goal. When issuing any kind of explosive force should seek to relax, to increase the attack speed. When the contact with the target before the moment, suddenly the whole muscle tension, strength suddenly concentrated, fresh long and thoroughly. Followed by rapid recovery, relaxation, and of ideas has been formed to prepare another attack. The whole operation seems less than Yaner Thunder Jilei less rest in peace.

Of course, the explosive used in the success rate is also affected by competitive state, the other the strength and outside interference and other factors, so in real time before and after a more detailed analysis.

Eventually, to draw attention to only age appropriate, healthy people who can be explosive training, and only can be gradual, persistent people are expected to be successful. Still, not every trainer can be a positive to a very high level.
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Wing Chun
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Wing Chun Bar

super-practical and approachable to the physical demands will not be too perverted ...
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learn to tailor and learn something `` `allied forces will be reduced first

10 If you are not tall and mighty to be school-based skills such as capturing a number of joint escapement There are four extremely heavy volume that it can allocate more than

learn usefulness of capturing wins knife

I just want to learn something about self-defense only,There are no other bad intention. . . . .

Self-defense danger .. .. a stroke is the most critical enemy

If you encounter a real risk of attacks on each other's vital direct selection .. .. Yam `Eye is the preferred
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