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Not now seek to fight K1 broadcast it? Or other reasons? ?

Smart fairy2010-02-18 00:10:15 +0000 #1
Also heard that the Japanese refused to let him attend, and, because he is too strong, and,, he went to someone else (Japanese nationals) you'll get champion? ? ?
masha0072010-02-18 00:24:05 +0000 #2
not the Japanese do not want him to participate is because the Japanese do not want to sit tight in order to broadcast K1 Champion!

In fact, demand broadcast of the boxing style of play has long legs, the highest combination of state. However, in K-1, a lot of techniques have been limited.

For example, limits the broadcast continuous demand (due to the magic fondle crushing defeat in 2004, the Big Dipper)

limited continuous knee collision (due to the small than to be king hit by knee KO)

consecutive elbow is also limited to

consecutive high and low weight leg sweep , flying knee, and so have been to kill the K-1 all have been limited.

Broadcast knee hit demand, high-whip, low sweep, elbow, it was his 12 under stand it, but he can not stand straight ... ...

These are the strengths of broadcast seeking to limit, and broadcast seeking want to have Champion is difficult, perhaps we should say impossible
dilute li ah confused2010-02-18 00:45:18 +0000 #3
broadcast because it is not seeking to subvert the period - and there are a lot of boxing broadcast museum opened in demand around the world. But like you have not heard of sowing rather not participate in K1! ! - Or can do in order to broadcast! ! I support him! ! ! ! !



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